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Select Publications, Awards and Honors January 2018

George Grattan

January 2018 List

Please peruse the following select examples of our faculty research efforts that have either been published or accepted by leading outlets, as well as examples of awards and honors our faculty have received. For previous lists, click here.


Publications and Presentations

Astourian, Laure. "Jean Rouch's Moi, un Noir in the French New Wave." Studies in French Cinema. Vol. 17. November 2017. 

Boeri, Miriam and Aukje Lamonica. “The Social Re-Construction of Marijuana as Medicine.” Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research 11: 257-276. 2017

Boeri, Miriam. Hurt: Chronicles of the Drug War Generation. University of California Press. 2018

Boeri, Miriam (first editor, Introduction, Conclusion), Rashi Shukla. (forthcoming) Ethnography Uncut: Narratives of Research with Hidden Populations. University of California Press.

Lee, Nayeong and Miriam Boeri. “Managing Stigma: Women Drug Users and Recovery.” Fusio: The Bentley Undergraduate Research Journal.1 (2): 65-94. 2017

Cornett, Marcia, Otgo Erhemjamts, Ty Leverty, Hassan Tehranian, and Bayar Tumen, “An Examination of the Relation between Strategic Interaction among Industry Firms and Firm Performance,” Journal of Banking and Finance. (2017)

Cram, W. A., Wiener, M. S. T. “Perceptions of Control Legitimacy in Information Systems Development.” Information Technology & People (IT&P). (Forthcoming)

Dayal, Samir, “Normative Materialist Cosmopolitanism,” book chapter with Ewa Łuczak and Anna Pochmara-Ryżko, eds. Cosmopolitanisms, Race, and Ethnicity: Cultural Perspectives, De Gruyter Open (forthcoming 2018)

Dayal, Samir, “Introduction,” Co-written with Ewa Łuczak and Anna Pochmara-Ryżko, in Cosmopolitanisms, Race, and Ethnicity: Cultural Perspectives, De Gruyter Open (forthcoming 2018)

Dayal, Samir “Why Inclusion Makes Economic and Cultural Sense: Dissident Masculinities in Indian Cinema,” book chapter in Susan Adams, ed. Time for Solutions! Addressing Gender Barriers in the Workplace (Austin: Greenleaf Publishing, 2017)

Dayal, Samir “Normative Materialist Cosmopolitanism,” book chapter solicited for collection entitled Cosmopolitanisms, Race, and Ethnicity, ed.  Anna Pochmara and Ewa Luczak (Warsaw: De Gruyter Open, 2017).

Dayal, Samir, “After New Gods: D.H. Lawrence, Italy and ‘Foreignness,’” Book Chapter forthcoming in Collection of Critical Essays on D.H. Lawrence, ed. Feroza Jussawalla, 2017.

Dayal, Samir, “Performance, Activism and the Affective Turn: A Typology,” book chapter in Festschrift for Dorothea Fischer-Hornung, Performing Ethnicity, Performing Gender eds.  Bettina Hoffman and Monika Mueller (New York and London: Routledge 2017).

Deichmann, Joel I., Eshghi, Abdolreza, Haughton, Dominique, and Li, Mingfei. 2017. Proceedings of the 2017 12th International Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps and Learning Vector Quantization, Clustering and Data Visualization (WSOM). Nancy, France. 28-30 June 2017

Deichmann, Joel, and Danyang Liu. 2017. “Determinants of International Tourism Flows to the Republic of Croatia: An SUR Analysis of Panel Data from 1993-2015.” Journal of Economic and Social Studies. 7(1), 5-28.

Deichmann, Joel I., Eshghi, Abdolreza, Haughton, Dominique, and Li, Mingfei. 2017. “Socio-Economic Convergence in Europe One Decade after the EU Enlargement of 2004: Application of Self-Organizing Maps.” Eastern European Economics. 3, 236-260.

DeLeo, R.A. 2017 “Indicators, Agendas, and Streams: Analyzing the Politics of Preparedness.” Policy & Politics (Print forthcoming)

Beverley Earle & Anita Cava, “Examining the JP Morgan ‘Princeling’ Settlement: Insight into Current Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Interpretation and Enforcement,” Washington University Global Studies Law Review, Vol. 17 (2017)

Warren, W. H., Rothman, D. B., Schnapp, B. H., & Ericson, J. D. (2017). “Wormholes in virtual space: From cognitive maps to cognitive graphs.” Cognition166, 152-163.

Flynn, Patricia, co-editor, with Milenko Gudic and Tay Keong Tan, Redefining Success: Integrating Sustainability into Management Education (September 2017)

Flynn, Patricia, co-editor, with Milenko Gudic and Tay Keong Tan,

Beyond the Bottom Line: Integrating Sustainability into Business and Management Practice (March 2017)

Simsek, Z., Heavey, C., & Fox, B. C. 2018.  “Interfaces of strategic leaders: A conceptual framework, review, and research agenda.”   Journal of Management (forthcoming).

Galliers, R. D., Newell, S., Shanks, G., Topi, H. (2017). “Datification and its human, organizational and societal effects: The strategic opportunities and challenges of algorithmic decision-making.” Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 26, 185-190.

Garcia, Angela Cora.  (published online November 2017; Forthcoming—Expected May 2018).  “Talk in Presidential Campaign Interviews:  A Comparison of Question-Answering by Former Presidents William Clinton and George H. W. Bush”  Discourse & Society 29(3).

Garcia, Angela Cora.  (2017).  “What Went Right:  Interactional strategies for managing crisis negotiations during an emergency service call.”  The Sociological Quarterly 58(3): 495-518.

Garcia, Angela Cora.  2017.  “President William J. Clinton as a Practical Ethnomethodologist:  A Single-Case Analysis of Successful Question-Answering Techniques in the 1998 Grand Jury Testimony.” Chapter 7 (pp. 131-163) in Robert Browning (Ed.), Advances in Research Using the C-SPAN Archives.  West Lafayette, IN:  Purdue University. 

Griffin, Jane D. "Cultural Agency, Auto-Gestión, and Literary Workshops in Neoliberal Chile." Agencia Cultural, Arte y Educación en América Latina y la Frontera. Ed. Zulema Moret. New York, NY: Escribana Books, 2017. 

Gulati, Girish, and Victoria Farrar-Myers. 2017. “Following the Money: The Impact Of Outside Group Expenditures In The 2014 U.S. House Elections.” In The 2014 American National Elections, edited by Christopher Galdieri, Jennifer Lucas, and Tauna Sisco. Akron, OH: University of Akron Press.

Gupta, Atul, Kartik Raman, and Chenguang Shang, 2018, Social capital and the cost of equity, Journal of Banking and Finance 87, 102-117.

Gupta, Atul, Lalatendu Misra, and Yilun Shi, 2017, Do scandals trigger governance changes? Evidence from option backdating, Forthcoming, Journal of Financial Research.

Ranjoo S. Herr, Contributor (with Kristie Dotson, Serene Khader, Stella Nyanzi and Saba Fatima) to “Musings on Contested Terms” in Ranjoo S. Herr and Shelley Park (eds.), Hypatia special issue, Contested Terrains: Women of Color, Third World Women, Feminisms, and Geopolitics, 32/ 3 (2017b): 731-42.

Ranjoo S. Herr, Co-author (with Shelley Park), “Introduction,” in Ranjoo S. Herr and Shelley Park (eds.), Hypatia special issue, Contested Terrains: Women of Color, Third World Women, Feminisms, and Geopolitics, 32/ 3 (2017c): 477-87.

Laura E. Jackson “Debt and Stabilization Policy: Evidence from a Euro Area FAVAR” – Laura E. Jackson, Michael T. Owyang and Sarah Zubairy, Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Lee, J., Fedorowicz, J. (in press). “Identifying Issues for the ICT-enabled Bright ICT Initiative: A World Wide Delphi Study of IS Journal Editors and Scholars.” Communications of the Association for Information Systems.

Marks, Joseph M. and David P. Simon, 2017, “Sector Option Implied Volatility Dynamics and Predictability,” Journal of Derivatives 25(3), p22-42.

Markus, M. Lynne (in press). “Datification, Organizational Strategy, and IS Research.” Journal of Strategic Information Systems. (forthcoming)

Crutchley Claire, Kristina Minnick, and Patrick Schorno, 2017, “Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Data Breaches, The Financial Review.

David Missirian, “Are High School Students Ticking Time Bombs? The Ignored Legal and Ethical Reality of Student Athlete Concussions,” Mississippi Sports Law Review (Forthcoming)

Jeffrey Moriarty “Too Liberal for Global Governance? International Legal Human Rights System and Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Self-Determination,” Journal of International Political Theory, 13/ 2 (2017a): 196–214.

Ralph Pennel "The Minnesota Goodbye" appears in the fall issue of Elm Leaves Journal, published out of SUNY Buffalo State. 

Ralph Pennell Review of Veer by Kim Chinquee in the upcoming issue of Rain Taxi Review of Books.

Ralph Pennell Poems "Time Enough," "The Calling of St. Matthew," and "Of All that Was Never Mine to Lose, I Miss You, My Brother, Most" will appear in the upcoming issue of Reality Beach

Proudfoot, J. G., Wilson, D. W., Valacich, J. S., Byrd, M. D. “Saving face on Facebook: Privacy concerns, social benefits, and impression management.” Behaviour and Information Technology. (forthcoming)

Rubio, Christian. “Huellas krausianas en Federico García Lorca.” Ápeiron Estudios de filosofía. Vol. 7. October, 2017: 95-104.

Franklyn Salimbene, Seeking Peaceful Coexistence: Streetcars and Bicycles in the New Urban Environment, 7 Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy 365 (2017).

Saunders, C., Wiener, M. S. T., Klett, S., Sprenger, S. (2017). “The Impact of Mental Representations on ICT-Related Overload in the Use of Mobile Phones.” Journal of Management Information Systems, 34(3), 803-825.

Sultan, Jahangir, “Informational Efficiency of Islamic Depositary Receipts: Implications for Long-term Investment and Financing,” forthcoming in The Role of Islamic Finance in Financing Long-term Investments Global Report on Islamic Finance 2018. Washington, DC: World Bank and Islamic Development Bank Group.

Tchaicha, Jane D. and Khedija Arfaoui, The Tunisian Women’s Rights Movement: From Nascent Activism to Influential Power-Broking. New York: Routledge, 2017. 

Topi, Heikki; Karsten, Helena; Brown, Sue A.; Carvalho, João Alvaro; Donnellan, Brian; Shen, Jun; Tan, Bernard C.Y.; and Thouin, Mark F. (2017) "MSIS 2016 Global Competency Model for Graduate Degree Programs in Information Systems," Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 40, Article 18. 

Steve Weisman, Weisman’s Sports Law: The Essentials, West Academic Publishing (2018)

Williams CB, Gulati GJ. “Digital vs. Television Ad Expenditures by Outside Groups” in Jody Baumgartner and Terri Towner, eds., The Internet and the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Lexington Books, August 2017.

Williams, Christine and Girish Gulati. 2018. “Digital Advertising Expenditures in the 2016 Presidential Election.” Social Science Computer Review, published online Sept. 8, 2017.


Awards and Honors

Bentley Innovation in Teaching Awards were awarded at the December 2017 faculty meeting to Mystica Alexander, Wiley Davi & Joy Uyeno (won as a team), Doris Kelly, and Kiana Pierre-Louis.

Samir Dayal was elected Editor-in-Chief of PsyArt Journal, the online journal of the Association for the Psychological Study of the Arts.

Jane Fedorowicz received the Sandra Slaughter Service Award from the Association for Information Systems (AIS). The award recognizes longstanding members who have provided leadership and service within the AIS.

Senior Lecturer of CIS Mark Frydenberg, Associate Professor of CIS David Yates, and Julie Kukesh, Director of Education Programs at Mendix Corporation, were honored with a Distinguished Paper Award at the EDSIG Conference on Information Systems and Computing Education, for their paper, “Sprint, then Fly:  Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes.”

Mark Frydenberg was also the recipient, with co-author Prof. Diana Andone of University Politehnica of Timisoara, Romania, of the EDSIG Conference’s Best Paper award for their paper, “Enhancing and Transforming Global Learning Communities with Augmented Reality.”   

Janis Gogan supervised a case called "Ready or Not?" by University of South Florida DBA student Terry McGovern, who won Best Case by a Newcomer award at the 2017 North American Case Research Association (NACRA) Conference.

Hasan, Iftekhar, Kristina Minnick, and Kartik Raman’s “Supply Chain Characteristics and Bank Lending Decisions” won the Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance at the 2017 Southern Finance Association Conference.

Minnick, Kristina, Kartik Raman, and Chenguang Shang’s, “External Monitoring and Board Structure: Why Do Major Customers Matter?” was a Semi-Finalist – for Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance, at the 2017 Financial Management Association Conference.

Hasan, Iftekhar, Kristina Minnick, and Kartik Raman’s, “Supply Chain Characteristics and Bank Lending Decisions” was a Semi-Finalist – for Best Paper Award in Markets and Institutions, at the 2017 Financial Management Association Conference.

Kristina Minnick has been appointed as Associate Editor for Finance by the Journal of Business Research.

CIS Professor Heikki Topi was honored with the EDSIG Distinguished Information Systems (IS) Educator Award. This award recognizes an educator for outstanding effort improving the quality of IS graduates through distinguished teaching, research and service.

Waguespack, Leslie J., Schiano, William T., Yates, David J. (2016). “Trust = Utility + Security: Designing for that Elusive Quality in Cloud Computing,” Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal - Annual Review, Vol. 10, was noted in the January 2017 Annual Review of Design Principles and Practices as one of the “Five Best Articles of 2016.”

Waguespack, L.J., Babb, J., Yates, D., (2017) “ ‘Refactoring’ Refactoring,” Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Hawaii, HI January 7, 2017 was nominated best paper.

In November 2017 at the 2017 EDSIGCON conference in Austin, Texas, Professor Les Waguespack of the Computer Information Systems Department was re-elected President of the Education Special Interest Group of the Association of Information Technology Professionals for 2018.