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Community Engagement Sessions Feedback

Nov. 19, 2021

Dear Bentley Community,

Thank you for your thoughtful participation and feedback these past two weeks in our first round of strategic positioning engagement sessions. Over the course of our four sessions (one for each strategic priority committee), hundreds of students, faculty and staff—some from around the world—joined to share their ideas about how our university can best position itself for continued success. The conversations that you participated in were meaningful and will play an important role in helping the committees to plan their next steps. Again, thank you for joining these important conversations.

To help guide our efforts in the coming months and provide full transparency, we have created a SharePoint site that is accessible to all members of our community and links off the strategic positioning page on the website. Here you will find all the feedback, input and ideas that were shared in the first four engagement sessions. Those who attended these sessions were able to contribute to shared documents, forms and Jamboards in breakout sessions. The results of those breakout sessions are included, in full, inside this SharePoint so that all members of the university can review and analyze the data collected from the community to date.

Access the Strategic Positioning SharePoint

As more engagement sessions are announced, we will add the dates and registration links to this new site in addition to emailing them to the community. As you review the input and ideas from the sessions, you are welcome to share additional feedback with the committee chairs directly or by using this submission form.

The work that we are undertaking together will be crucial to Bentley’s continued success as a leader in business education. I encourage you to continue participating in the upcoming sessions and to get involved with the work of our four committees. Thank you for your engagement, and I know that I speak for all the committee chairs when I say that we appreciate the time and effort that our community has put into this important process so far.

Most Sincerely,
President Chrite