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William Sullivan photo on Instagram of a Bentley-bound mortarboard

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Coming to Bentley

Tips for the Class of 2023

Tips for the Class of 2023

Kristen Walsh (photo by William Sullivan ’23 on Instagram)

It’s hard to believe that in less than two weeks, Bentley will welcome a new group of Falcons – the Class of 2023. In preparation for their arrival, we asked alumni, students and friends for advice for incoming Falcons. Here are some of their tips!

  • If something is challenging, do more of it. Get out of your comfort zone. A calm sea never made a skilled sailor.  — Eric Noreen ’12
  • Get involved with as much as you can. Bentley is special and amazing; meet as many people as you can.  — Jennifer Daigle ’93
  • If you want a career in business, in addition to all your biz courses, take lots of communications courses. You’d be amazed how many people can’t write or present effectively in the real world.  — Ken Hamel ’83
  • Network, network, network!  — Meghan Walsh ’18
  • Be kind. We need more kindness in the world.  — Dallas Cramond ’01
  • Choose a minor based on your genuine interests. Let your major support your professional goals and your minor guide you toward something you genuinely enjoy. Perhaps your career will let you apply both!   — Alorra Kingston ’17
  • Enjoy the surrounding area. You have one of America's great cities in Boston and all of New England to explore. Experience a weekend trip to Cape Cod, hiking in the White Mountains, skiing in Vermont or a trip to the Maine coast. A road trip to Thoreau’s Walden Pond (10 miles away) is a fantastic experience!    — Dan Casey ’83
Bentley University graduate Yuriy Ivanov
Go to office hours of professors. They are usually pretty cool people.
Yuriy Ivanov ’14
  • Develop relationships with people who may not be like you. The real world is increasingly diverse and you may have to work with people who are not like you. Your time at Bentley is a good place to start that. — Mark Batiste ’97
  • Explore many companies in your journey to find your first job! Try not to be hyper-focused on one "dream" company, because you may miss other opportunities and stress out!  — Brooke Jameson ’19
  • Volunteer with the career service center early. It’s such a great resource that Bentley provides.  — Mauricia Kayizzi
  • Be open to new experiences. You may go in thinking you’re going to be an accountancy major but end up as an IDCC major. Embrace each and every experience as a chance to learn and keep an open mind.  — Noah Le ’20
  • Make as many connections as you can. Reach out to that quiet but smart guy or gal. Get to know people from all backgrounds. The four years fly by in a blink. Twenty-five years later you'll be happy you made the connections and friends you did!  — James P. DiBurro ’92
  • Go to office hours of professors. They are usually pretty cool people.  — Yuriy Ivanov '14
  • Be yourself! Bentley University chose YOU.  — Gene Hile
Bentley University graduate Dallas Cramond
​​​​​​​Be kind. We need more kindness in the world. 
Dallas Cramond ’01