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Course, Registration and Room Codes

Course Codes

Course offerings are listed in alphabetical order, by department. Click on a department name to find a course's number and section, title, credit hours, day, time, instructor and room.

  • Seats Available will display for terms currently accepting registration via BannerWEB
  • CL indicates that a course is CLOSED

Room Codes

AAC Adamian Academic Center
JEN Jennison
LAC LaCava Campus Center
LIB Bentley Library
LIN Lindsay Hall
MIL Miller Hall
MOR Morison Hall
SMI Smith Technology Center
SPR Spruce Hall
STUSAC Sacred Space - Student Center

Schedule Codes

CoR Corequisite
Pt Part of Term
Cr Credit Hours (all courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated)
CPR Concurrent prerequisite
M T W R F S U Day Indicators
R = Thursday
U = Sunday
PREQ Prerequisite
CC# or WP Class Code (CC#), Window Policy (WP)
IP Instructor permission required; course not available through BannerWEB
D Diversity
I International
CI Communication Intensive