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Course, Registration and Room Codes

Course Codes

Course offerings are listed in alphabetical order, by department. Click on a department name to find a course's number and section, title, credit hours, day, time, instructor and room..

  • Seats Available will display for terms currently accepting registration via BannerWEB
  • CL indicates that a course is CLOSED

Room Codes

AACAdamian Academic Center
LACLaCava Campus Center
LIBBentley Library
LINLindsay Hall
MILMiller Hall
MORMorison Hall
SMISmith Technology Center
SPRSpruce Hall
STUSACSacred Space - Student Center

Schedule Codes

PtPart of Term
CrCredit Hours (all courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated)
CPRConcurrent prerequisite
M T W R F S UDay Indicators
R = Thursday
U = Sunday
CC# or WPClass Code (CC#), Window Policy (WP)
IPInstructor permission required; course not available through BannerWEB
CICommunication Intensive