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Kylie Jenner Came to Bentley. And the Internet Went Crazy.

Photo by: Christopher Mancuso '20

Kylie Jenner Came to Bentley. And the Internet Went Crazy.


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Bentley first-year student Christopher Mancuso ’20 is a huge fan of rapper Travis Scott. So when he heard Scott would perform at Bentley’s Spring Day concert, Mancuso excitedly volunteered to help set up the stage.

Scott declined to meet with students after the concert, citing privacy concerns, and as Mancuso and others were cleaning up, the reason became clear: Scott emerged with reality TV star Kylie Jenner. In the celebrity world, many had wondered if Travis was Kylie's new boyfriend.

And there was Mancuso a few yards away.

“It was unreal,” said Mancuso. “We were loading up the truck and I turned a corner and there they were in the middle of the parking lot. I stuck my phone around the corner of the back door to get a picture so nobody could see me. I immediately texted the photo in a group message to 10 of my friends because I knew they wouldn’t believe me.”

Mancuso’s new picture spread like wildfire across the Bentley campus and far beyond. By the time he woke up Sunday morning, his photo had been picked up by media around the world:

The story ran on more than 13,000 Internet sites (Kylie Jenner has a large online audience, including 93 million followers on Instagram), and Bentley’s website and social media channels saw a spike in traffic after the coverage.

“It’s crazy how the photo ended up across the Internet,” said Mancuso. “I just took the picture because I was a big Travis Scott fan and wanted to show my friends. I had no idea it would go viral.”



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