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Market-Oriented Collaboration

Focus Area 2

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  • Seek partnerships inside and outside the university in a way that responds to the changing needs of the market and positions Bentley as a prominent expert on the role of business in society.
  • Develop and expand graduate and non-degree programs to align with emerging workforce needs in targeted high-growth markets

Selected Actions

  • Develop “Impact Hubs” to integrate and coordinate faculty teaching and research, and foster collaboration with external partners in diversity, equity and inclusion, healthcare, sustainability, data analytics and other areas of university strength.
  • Invest resources to operationalize the Impact Hubs and continue to evaluate their performance.
  • Identify a portfolio of market-aligned graduate and professional education programs that are relevant across business and society, align with specific audiences and contribute financially to the university.
  • Develop ways to educate broader audiences and address emerging workforce needs, including expanding the university’s online, hybrid and experiential learning models.

Bringing the Plan to Life

Kuwait College of Science and Technology

New partnership offers Kuwaiti business leaders the knowledge and skills to advance their companies and careers.


Executive PhD in Business

The university welcomes the first students to a new program that bridges the gap between academia and industry.   

Gaurav Shah Headshot
The strategic planning process helped us work together as a community to identify Bentley’s strengths and opportunities. It gave us a platform to be innovative and creative and build upon each other’s ideas.
Gaurav Shah, MBA ’02, MSHFID ’12
Director of Academic Technology