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PhD Placements and Alumni

Bentley PhD graduates have secured positions at a variety of schools across the country and are thriving in research and teaching careers. Our full list of placements and alumni is found below by program.

Notable Tenure Track Placements

These universities are a brief sampling of some of the tenure track placements by Bentley PhD alumni. For a full list of placements, please see each program below.

PhD in Accountancy: Tenure Track Placements

Boise State
Bryant University
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Clark University
Clemson University
College of the Holy Cross
Fairfield University
Florida International University
Northern Illinois University
Suffolk University
Texas State University
University of Colorado, Denver
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
University of New Hampshire
University of San Diego
Villanova University
Virginia Commonwealth University
West Virginia University


PhD in Accountancy: Alumni

Lindsay Andiola, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Virginia Commonwealth University
"Performance Feedback in the Audit Environment"

Kwadwo Asare, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Bryant University
"Essays on the Influence of Corporate Governance on Financial Analysts' Forecast-related Judgments"

Jenna Burke, Assistant Professor, Accounting, University of Colorado, Denver
"Environmental, Social, and Governance Risk and Performance: Implications for Audit and Corporate Governance Research"

Nate Cannon, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Texas State University
"Fair Value Measurements"

Steven DeSimone, Assistant Professor, Economics and Accounting, Holy Cross
“Three Empirical Studies of Internal Audit Quality”.

Denise Hanes Downey, Assistant Professor, Accountancy & Information Systems, Villanova University
"Changes in Auditing: A Three Part Investigation"

Mary Durkin, Assistant Professor, Accountancy, University of San Diego
“Promoting Professional Skepticism in the Audit Environment”

Sonia Gantman, Associate Professor, Accounting Information Systems, Providence College
“Three interdisciplinary studies on IT Outsourcing”

Jace Garrett, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Clemson University
“The Relationship between Accounting Processes and Interpersonal Trust within Organizations”

Joy Gray, Lecturer, Accountancy, Bentley University
“Information Technology Audits by Internal Auditors: Exploring the Evolution of Integrated IT Audits”

Allen Hartt, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Boise State University
“The Impact of Collective Intelligence and Honest Signaling on Fraud Brainstorming Effectiveness: A Sociometric Investigation Using Wearable Sensor Technology”

Kip Holderness, Assistant Professor, Accounting, West Virginia University
“Detecting Deception in Client Inquiries”

Tien-Shih Hsieh, Assistant Professor, Accounting and Finance, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
“The Impact of Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) on Corporate Accounting Practice”

Kara Hunter, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Fairfield University
“The Influence of Cognitive Factors on the Relationship between Accounting Standard Precision and Aggressive Financial Reporting”

Candice Hux, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Northern Illinois University
“Auditors’ Use of Specialists in Audit Engagements: Implications for Audit Quality”

Christine Nolder, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Suffolk University
“The Role of Professional Skepticism, Attitudes, and Emotions on Auditors’ Judgments and Decisions”

Mike Ruff, Assistant Teaching Professor, Accounting, Northeastern University
"Correlates of Ethical Sensitivity and Reasoning and their Potential Influence on Accounting Education”

Andrew Stuart, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Suffolk University
"The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure on Stakeholder Decision-Making"

Zhihong (Rita) Wang, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Clark University
“The Impact of Cultural Time Orientation on Managerial and Financial Accounting Practices”

Kim Westermann, Assistant Professor, Accounting, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
"Learning the 'Craft of Auditing': Applications of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Framework"

PhD in Business: Tenure Track Placements

Bryant University
California State University, Channel Islands
Clark University
College of Charleston
Copenhagen Business School
Florida Gulf Coast University
Northeastern University
Providence College
Rochester Institute of Technology
Salem State University
St. Francis Xavier
Tilburg University
University of New York, New Paltz
Westminster College

PhD in Business: Alumni


Guangying Hua, Senior Data Scientist, The Boston Consulting Group
“An Analysis of the Structure and Evolution of Networks”

Tao Li, Assistant Professor, Business Analytics, State University of New York, New Paltz 
"Studies of Financial Analysts: Over-optimism, Investment Value and Herding Behavior"

Kevin Mentzer, Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Analytics,  Bryant University
“Essays on Networks of Influence - Discovering Insight through Social Network Analysis”

Maria Skaletsky, Senior Research Consultant, Bentley University
“Essays on the Digital Divide - Explorations through Global, National and Individual Lenses”

Olumayokun Soremekun, Head of Business Development, OLX
"Essays on Rethinking African Development: Contextual and Methodological Advances"

Guillaume Weisang, Assistant Professor, Finance, Clark University
“Essays on Hedge Fund Replication: Methodological Assessment and Development of the Factor Approach, Nonlinear Modeling and Policy Perspectives”

Changan Zhang, Data Scientist, Boston Consulting Group
“Essays on Marketing Analytics: Competition, Connectedness, and Controversy”


Yukika Awazu, Associate Professor, Management Information Systems, IESEG School of Management
"Implementing An Enterprise System: A Practice-Lens"

Quang (Neo) Bui, Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems, Rochester Institute of Technology
"The Adoption and Diffusion of IT Management Innovations: Adaptation, Reinvention, Alternative Designs, and Rhetorical Persuasion"

Martin Dias, Associate Teaching Professor, Supply Chain Information Management, Northeastern University
“Public Safety Networks – Examining Mimetic, Complexity, and Legacy Effects on Interorganizational Collaborations"

Dax Jacobson, Associate Professor, Management Information Systems, Westminster College
“Successful IT-Intensive Inter-organizational Relationships: The Role of Governance”

Anna Karpovsky, Lecturer, Markets/Public Policy/Law Department, Boston University
"Information Systems Strategy and the Role of Chief Information Officers: Strategizing and Aligning Practices"

Mark-David McLaughlin, Director, Security & Risk Management, Acuity Brands, Inc.
"A Resource View of Information Security Incident Response"

Mari-Klara Stein, Associate Professor, Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School
“Use and Non-Use of IT in the Workplace: Studies on Emotions, Identity and Technology”

Arthur Tomasino, Visiting Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management, Florida Gulf Coast University
“The Use of Complexity Theory and Strange Attractors to Understand and Explain Information System Development”

Wilson Wong, Assistant Teaching Professor, Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"User Resistance and Trust in a Clinical RFID Employee Location Tracking Information System"


Roisin Donnelly, Assistant Professor, Management, University of Tilburg
"The Dynamics of MNC Locational Decisions: Extensions and Contingencies"

Nora Junaid, Lecturer, Operations & Information Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Technological Proactivity: Development of a Measure and Initial Test"

Opal Leung, Associate Professor, Management & Leadership, St. Francis Xavier University
"Micro Role Transitions in Two Contexts"

Patrick McHugh, Professor of the Practice, School of Engineering, Brown University
"Ties that Bind: A Network Perspective on University Spinouts"

Luisa Melo, Assistant Visiting Professor, Management & Leadership,  La Salle University
“Firm-Level Corporate Governance in the Context of Emerging Market Firm Internationalization”

Ken Mullane, Assistant Professor, Management, Salem State University
“What to do amid Disruption? Ethical Climate and Trust as Determinants of Virtual Team Member Effort”

Elise Perrault, Associate Professor, Management, College of Charleston
“Refining the Firm-Stakeholder Engagement Model: An Expanded Theory of Salience and Firms’ Responses to Stakeholder Influence”

Dirk Primus, Assistant Professor, Management, Bryant University
“Exploring the Development Chain – An Inquiry into the Linkages between New Product Development and Supply Chain Management”

Craig Randall, Assistant Professor, Management, Florida Gulf Coast University
“An Unstable Balance; Exploration, Exploitation and Innovation Decline during Development”

Jessica Zinger, Director Business Analysis, Interactions, LLC
"Corporate Prediction Markets for Business Decisions: New Applications, Challenges and Limitations"


Michele Jurgens, Lecturer, Organizational Behavior, Boston University
"From Social Media to Social Movements: An investigation of the role of social media in secondary stakeholders' actions - the case of Deep Water Horizon"

Gary Ottley, Lecturer, Marketing, Babson College
The Consciousness Awakens! The Expansion of Conscious Capitalism Into The Marketing World: Do Marketing Managers Practice ‘Conscious’ Marketing?”

Ekin Pehlivan, Assistant Professor, Marketing, California State University, Channel Islands
“Ironic Advertising: Theory, Evidence and Practice”