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Academic Technology Center

Hybrid Conference Rooms

We are currently in the process of enabling some of our conference rooms to support remote participants joining/hosting via a Zoom/Teams call.


Rooms With a Computer

SMI 321, JEN 423, and MOR 330 each will be outfitted with a desktop computer, single/multiple cameras, microphones, and speakers. Users will be able to run Zoom/Teams using the desktop machine available in these rooms. These rooms will be ready for hybrid use by mid/late September

Bring Your Own Device

MOR 197, MOR 297, MOR 397, LaCava 168, LaCava 294D

Each of these rooms will be outfitted with a camera, microphone, speaker which can be connected to your laptop via a USB connection and projected on a screen/TV using an HDMI cable. Except for LaCava 168, all of the rooms listed above are ready to be used in the hybrid format. 


Looking for a solution for your department space or conference room?

Here are a few recommended solutions we have tried and tested. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please contact to assist with the purchase and install of the equipment.  

Meeting Space Size Equipment What it looks like Price
Small/Medium Logitech Meetup Logitech Meetup $1,000
Medium/Large Logitech Rally Logitech Rally $2,500
Portable and plug and play Kandao Kandao $800
Portable and Dedicated Screen DTEN DTEN $5,500