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Instructional Resources

We research emerging and cutting-edge technologies and assist faculty in using them to enrich student learning experience.


Instructional Technologies

Learning Management Systems and Assessment tools


Video and Virtual Tools


Statistics and Surveys


Student Engagement


A-Z Technology Listing

Need Help?

For help accessing and using our instructional technology resources or for consulting on teaching and learning technology needs, please reach out to our instructional technology team.


Molly Amado

Sr. Academic Technologist

781-891-2793 | ATC Atrium


Peter Kirlew

Sr. Academic Technologist

781-891-2547 | ATC Atrium


Dr. Tamara Rabinovich

Sr. Consultant for Research & Learning Technologies

781-891-2039 | Adamian Atrium



Steve Salina

Senior Manager of Instructional and Research Video Technologies

781-891-2635 | Lindsay 12D