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Academic Technology Center

Below is a listing of instructional technology tools and platforms supported and/or reviewed by Bentley IT for security and privacy compliance and available for faculty to use for teaching and learning. We also have a list of tools and applications that are not reviewed by us and/or not recommended for use in teaching and learning. Please use the following status legend before using an application.

Enterprise:  Bentley has a contract with the vendor and actively works with the vendor to ensure compliance in regards to security and privacy. Supported by IT/ATC.
Reviewed: Bentley has reviewed the Terms of Service and has found the risk to you and the institution to be acceptable. No vendor support provided. Limited-support provided by IT/ATC.
Use at your own risk: Bentley has reviewed the application but has deemed it as “Use at your own risk”.
Do not use: Bentley has deemed the service or vendor as malicious or does not comply w/appropriate handling of user data

If you would like us to review a software application not listed on this page, please let us know via this form. Please note that submissions will be reviewed by a committee made up of Professor David Yates, Mike Gioia, Jonah Pollard, and Gaurav Shah.

Bentley Supported/Reviewed Applications

Non-supported Applications

Applications below are not supported by Bentley and have not been reviewed by Bentley IT  for privacy and security compliance. Please use them at your own risk. This list may also include applications that we recommend not to use due to security or privacy concerns.