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Academic Technology Center

Brightspace Preview

Brightspace is our next-gen modern learning management system (LMS).  All enrolled faculty and students can access it 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection.

This new environment is designed to transform the teaching and learning experience with innovative approaches, personalized learning, mobile-first design, and many other features to help increase engagement in and outside the classroom.

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Getting Started with Brightspace

Basics of Brightspace environment, explore course layout, structure, and more.

Watch recorded video here (01:24:59)

Setting up your Grade Book in Brightspace

Manage Grades and Provide Digital Feedback (60 minutes)

Watch recorded video here (36:51)

Assessments in Brightspace

Assignments, Quizzes/Tests (60 minutes)

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Communications and Collaborations in Brightspace

Discussions, Groups, Announcements, Email (60 minutes)

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Self-learning & Other Resources