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Brightspace Text Guides & Video Tutorials for Faculty

BrightspaceBite-sized learning is here - we have text guides and video tutorials for common topics. This page is a follow-up resource for our "Getting Started with Brightspace" workshop and is constantly being updated.

You can also watch a video playlist to go through all videos about a topic at one go.

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Course Navigation, Management, and DesignText GuideVideo Tutorials
Logging into BrightspaceText GuideComing soon
Navigating the Brightspace homepageText GuideVideo Tutorial
Accessing and organizing your course sites in BrightspaceText GuideVideo Tutorial
Changing the start date / making your course available to studentsText GuideVideo Tutorial
Creating announcementsText GuideVideo Tutorial
Designing your course in BrightspaceText Guide-
Managing course notifications from BrightspaceText Guide-
Sending an email to classlistText GuideVideo Tutorial
Supported web browsersCheck browser-
Taking attendance with QwicklyText Guide-
Blackboard vs Brightspace terminologyText Guide-
Setting up Automatic Reminders for Late or Missing Work (Intelligent Agents)Text GuideVideo Tutorial

Course Navigation, Management, and Design Video Playlist

Content ManagementText GuideVideo Tutorials
Updating the 'Meet Your Instructor' page in BrightspaceText GuideVideo Tutorial
Uploading a syllabusText GuideVideo Tutorial
Changing the image in the Visual Table of ContentsText GuideVideo Tutorial
Uploading Documents to Course ContentText Guide-
Editing and deleting content in a unitText GuideVideo Tutorial
Embedding Power Points in BrightspaceText Guide-
(Pre)viewing content as a learnerText GuideVideo Tutorial
Adding an Excel file to a courseText GuideVideo Tutorial
Copying content from one course to anotherText GuideVideo Tutorial
Copying course content within a courseText GuideVideo Tutorial
Organizing contentText GuideVideo Tutorial
Import/exporting course content in BrightspaceText Guide-
Managing Dates for your course content-Video Tutorial
Adding release conditions to content items-Video Tutorial
Linking/Creating new Gradescope assignmentsText Guide-

Content Management Video Playlist

AssessmentsText GuideVideo Tutorials
Creating and managing assignmentsText GuideVideo Tutorial
Grading assignments and providing feedbackText GuideVideo Tutorial
Creating quizzesText GuideVideo Tutorial
Grading quizzesText GuideVideo Tutorial
Creating a Kaltura video quizText Guide-
Creating a Turnitin assignmentText GuideVideo Tutorial
Using Respondus Lockdown BrowserText Guide-
Submitting a Quiz/Test in Progress on behalf of a studentText Guide-
Submitting a paper to Turnitin for a student who is not enrolled in your classText Guide-
Brightspace Quiz Question Converter ToolText Guide-

Assessments Video Tutorials

Grade BookText GuideVideo Tutorials
Setting up a Grade BookText GuideVideo Tutorial
Managing grade items and categories (automatic grade calculations)Text GuideVideo Tutorial
Using alternative views (spreadsheet, standard, hide/unhide columns)Text GuideVideo Tutorial
Exporting my Grade Book into ExcelText GuideVideo Tutorial
Dropping the lowest grade from a grade categoryText GuideVideo Tutorial
Importing Grade BookText GuideComing Soon
Example of a weighted Grade BookExternal reference-
Releasing Final Grade to studentsText GuideVideo Tutorial

Grade Book Video Tutorials

Groups and DiscussionsText GuideVideo Tutorials
Creating groupsText GuideVideo Tutorial
Creating and managing discussionsText GuideVideo Tutorial
Setting up dates for discussionsText GuideVideo Tutorial

Groups and Discussions Video Tutorials

Media in BrightspaceText GuideVideo Tutorials
Accessing My Media (Kaltura videos)Text GuideVideo Tutorial
Adding a Kaltura video to My Media/ Brightspace courseText GuideVideo Tutorial
Editing a video in My MediaText Guide-
Getting links to videos to share outside of BrightspaceText Guide-
Adding collaborators to your video in My MediaText Guide 
Downloading your video and transcript from KalturaText Guide 
Recording class to Zoom cloud and adding recording to Brightspace course Text Guide 

Media in Brightspace Video Tutorials

Academic Year Support Hours

Support for Brightspace is available Monday-Friday 7:30 am- 5:00 pm.

Brightspace Support Lounge

ATC offers open office hours for faculty every Thursday & Friday from 10-11AM to get quick answers on Brightspace.