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Statistical Software for Data Science

STATA SEStata is a general-purpose statistical software package. Stata's capabilities include data management, statistical analysis, graphics, simulations, regression, and custom programming. STATA is capable of big data analytics and has graphical features that are publication-ready. STATA is available to all Bentley faculty and students.


Stata was originally designed for use in econometrics. It has built-in packages to handle complications when the assumptions of ordinary least squares regression may be invalid.

For cross-sectional and panel data microeconometrics STATA can execute procedures such as Tobit models for censored data, Heckman for selection problems, and instrumental variables and quantile regression. The program can also accommodate macroeconometric time series models such as stationary time-series, volatility, trend cointegration and nonlinear time series models.

STATA’s capabilities have also been extended to other areas of social science analysis such as latent and data reduction models (EFA and CFA), meta-analysis of clinical evidence and structural equation modelling, duration models (survival analysis), survey data analysis and hierarchical linear or mixed effects models. Often the community of users write specialized packages that can easily be downloaded manually at no additional charge.

Access Instructions

Students: Available remotely

Faculty: Contact the ATC for an individual license or access remotely.

Need help?

For questions or assistance please contact ATC or Maria Skaletsky at, or Clifton Chow at