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Title IX and Gender-Based Discrimination Policy

The Title IX and Gender-Based Discrimination Policy outlines all gender- and sex-based misconduct at Bentley University. This policy provides an overview of important definitions, methods of reporting an incident, and prohibited conduct on campus. Please note that this policy and the accompanying appendices supplement the 2018-2019 Student Handbook, and all Bentley students are expected to review these documents. You can access the policy and appendices below:

     Title IX and Gender-Based Discrimination Policy

     Appendix A: Campus and Community Resources for Title IX and Gender-Based Discrimination

     Appendix B: Investigation and Adjudication Procedures for Incidents Involving Students

     Appendix C: Types of Title IX Employees at Bentley University 

     Appendix D: Title IX Reporting Flow Chart

     Appendix E: Your Rights Under Title IX Poster

     Appendix F: Responding to Title IX Allegations Guide


To submit a Title IX or Gender-Based Discrimination Report, please click here. If you are seeking additional information or want to connect with someone on campus or in the Boston area, please review the Sexual and Relationship Violence Resource Guide


Please contact any of the following individuals with questions or concerns related to Title IX or gender-based discrimination:


Erin Kelley

Title IX Coordinator

Director of Student Conduct and Development

Student Center 320



Liz Humphries

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Student Support

Assistant Director, Residential Center

Student Center 320



George Cangiano

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty/Staff Support

Interim Vice President, Human Resources 

Rauch 322