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The ACELAB has 6 networked individual workstations plus four group workstations with 42" display screens, and a conference room with a Smartboard. A high-quality, networked laser printer provides clear, distinct output for reports.

Classroom Use

In addition to self-paced student use of tutorials and software, the ACELAB is available for classes. Faculty can demonstrate software to their class in a state-of-the-art classroom featuring projection equipment and 36 workstations and follow-up with immediate hands-on applications. The lab assistants are available to assist the students at their own machines. With the 36 workstations plus additional lap-top ports, large classes, external groups or programs can meet in the ACELAB when scheduled in advance.

Faculty Conference Hours

Many faculty members teaching the introductory and upper-level accounting courses hold their office hours in the ACELAB. The faculty are available to answer questions from students in any of the accounting sections.