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Integration of Technology

Just as a sampling of what goes on in the ACELAB, students in the introductory accounting courses get hands-on experience with commercial accounting software such as Peachtree. Establishing customers, entering sales, and recording entries allow students to understand how technology eases the flow of information up through the financial reports.

Our intermediate accounting students use electronic research software such as FARS to help develop well-thought out and documented conclusions to complex reporting issues.

Auditing classes, accessing top-end audit software, simulate data sampling and analysis on company’s records. Establishing risk parameters and interpreting the results of samples from journals recorded in leading accounting packages such as SAP are commonplace tasks in the ACELAB.

Students studying taxation utilize TurboTax, a leading software package for the preparation of a complete business or individual return. Students review planning features and compliance issues as the software guides them through the complexities of an ever-changing tax law.