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CLIC video tour

Explore CLIC and its amazing resources!

French Names Pronunciation

Daniel and Samuel will walk you through the basics so that you can pronounce French names correctly!

Spanish names pronunciation

Coti and Ernesto will show you how to pronounce correctly Spanish names!

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Our Chinese Language Partners will walk you through some Chinese characters and how to write them.

Empanadas class with chef Coti

Our Language Partner Constanza Zavala will teach you how to make delicious empanadas!

Panel on the Benefits of Learning a Language

In this panel, CLIC's Language Partners discuss how speaking multiple languages helped them in their personal and professional career.

Chinese Name Pronunciation 101 Workshop-10/06/2020

Interested in learning how to pronounce names in Chinese? Watch this workshop and learn the basics with Jasmine and Walker.

Zumba with Fabi

Zumba class in Spanish with our wonderful LP Fabiana Clemente.

Francophone Languages and Cultures

Daniel and Samuel compare and contrast different Francophone cultures and languages (Canada, Congo, and Switzerland).

Studying in China

Walker explains the university system in China and compares it with the US.