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How to schedule a practice at CLIC

Language Corners are back!
Come join us for 40 minutes laidback practice with our Language Partners! 
LC will begin on October 20 and we will end on Friday December 3.

Chinese with Annie
Thursdays, 1:20pm-2:00pm

French with Dan and Sam
Wednesdays, 4:40 pm-5:20 pm

Italian with Bruno
Thursdays, 5:20 pm- 6:00 pm

Spanish with Antonio
Fridays, 2:20 pm- 3:00 pm


Beginner Chinese - Self Introduction

Basic Mandarin Phrases for Beginners


Learn Italian - Common Words and Phrases

Learn Italian - 150 Italian Phrases for Beginners

Italian Grammar


Japanese Lessons


Introduction and Greetings in Spanish

Spanish Alphabet

Spanish Grammar

Spanish Language Training


French for Beginners

French Conjugations

Free language learning tools

The following tools are geared towards novice students or those who want to brush up on their previously acquired language skills. Some of these apps have a fremium model or offer a free model but ad-supported.
Duolingo combines a variety of techniques such as: listening to the pronunciation, reading sentences, voice recording, forming phrases by ordering words and matching images to words. It is based on grammar-translation method and it is structured like a video game, which makes it engaging. You can learn 95 languages!
Drops combines visually appealing word games with mnemonic associations and it focuses on vocabulary-learning. For students who are learning character-based languages or languages with a different writing system, Drops has a companion app included, Scripts. Drops also now offers a companion app to support kids learning languages, Droplets. You can learn 35+ languages!
MemRise also focuses on vocabulary-learning strategies and makes it fun by using memes, which use unique and entertaining associations with the vocabulary being learned. The free version of the app gives you access to the same number of languages as the Pro version, just with fewer functionalities. MemRise offers over 200 languages!
Español Interactivo
Español Interactivo is a free monthly app designed to practice and improve your Spanish. Each of the monthly editions contains interactive exercises, a current news story and a recorded discussion, at three levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Features include: interactive exercises, focus on vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening, audio, reading (with glossary) a recorded discussion about the news story, and access to previous issues.

Language exchange apps

A “language exchange” consists essentially of a conversation that takes place between two people who teach and learn from each other, in turn. The following are free and popular apps
HelloTalk connects you with native speakers to chat with for free. It offers Translation, Transliteration, Voice-to-Text and Text-to-Voice features that makes it easier to communicate with the person you are trying to teach to/learn from.
Bilingua connects you with a native speaker who shares similar interests to you and is learning your native language. This will help learning informal expressions, slangs, idioms, and other language features.

Foreign Language Podcasts

Coffee Break Spanish


News in Slow Spanish

FluentU (Japanese)

News in Slow Japanese

Learn Japanese Pod

NHK Radio Japanese

Popup Cantonese

Coffee Break Chinese

Chinese Learn Online

Incontro Italiano

Italiano Automatico

Francais Facile

Learn French Online