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Mission Statement

The Hughey Center for Financial Services (HCFS), named in honor of Bentley College alumnus David A. Hughey ’55 (retired executive vice president of Dean Witter Intercapital), was established in 1997. The HCFS has earned a national reputation and has been featured on CNBC. 

The mission of the center is to extend the educational goals of Bentley University through innovative classroom pedagogy, cutting-edge financial research, and real-world applications.

Our mission is translated into three broad strategies:

  • To integrate the Trading Room into the graduate and undergraduate curricula in an effort to enhance student learning, professional development, and success
  • To create a positive, collegial, and collaborative environment that is supportive of faculty and student research activities
  • To strengthen external relations with the investment management community

The center is dedicated to providing world-class education through the integration of the multi-million-dollar Trading Room. Supporting more than 40 graduate and undergraduate courses and providing faculty, students, and staff to an unrivaled collection of financial technologies valued at more than $3.5 million in annual licensing fees, the Hughey Center serves as a model for other colleges and universities around the globe.

Dr. Jahangir Sultan, Gibbons professor of Finance, is the founding director of the Hughey Center for Financial Services. His vision is responsible for the Hughey Center's genesis as the pedagogical centerpiece of the Bentley University finance education.