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Akshay Prakash

Akshay Prakash

MS Business Analytics Class of 2016

Undergrad University of Mumbai

Previous Employer SSA Techknowlogies (P) Ltd

How did Bentley help you get to where you are today in your career?

Bentley opened me to a whole new world of leveraging data to run a business. I have been very successful at my job due to the efforts of the faculty, notably: Professor David Oury, Professor Mingfei Li, Professor Sam Woolford and Professor Lucia Kimball. They were my absolute favorite professors, and they helped me understand what the industry is looking for, then I decided to hone my skills on those industry topics.

What are the top three skills you gained in your program at Bentley?

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Time Series Analysis
“I learned to make data work for my business.”

What would you tell someone considering your program at Bentley?

Please do your research and think long and hard why would you want to pursue a career in the field. Success starts at inception and grows with effective informed planning at every stage.