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Ben Huggins

Ben Huggins

MS Human Factors Class of 2013

Undergrad Tufts University

Previous Employer Highlight Hunter

How did Bentley help you get to where you are today in your career?

Bentley was a turning point for me. My time at Bentley helped me fully understand the landscape of UX and where I could have the biggest impact. I built on my existing skills with new methods for design, research and communication that have helped me grow rapidly as a design leader.

What are the top three skills you gained in your program at Bentley?

  • A solid understanding of human behavior, which helps me inform and defend my design decisions.
  • How to drive business objectives through design and navigate real constraints within an organization.
  • Methods for ideation, design process, research, and — above all — how to define and attack difficult problems.
"I learned from a faculty full of experienced professionals."

What would you tell someone considering your program at Bentley?

Know what you want to get out of it, and come ready to work. You’ll be exposed to a broad range of methods that you can draw on to shape your own personal style. These days, there are plenty of skills you can learn through online tutorials. But if you’re looking to build a career as a UX leader, you need more than just fundamentals — you need a deep understanding of how user experience drives business. You’ll get that at Bentley.