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Brian Camerano

Brian Camerano

MS Taxation Class of 2016

Undergrad Bentley University

How did Bentley help you get to where you are today in your career?

Attending Bentley University was probably the best decision I could have made. I also attended Bentley for my undergrad in accounting, and that really helped me with passing the CPA exam. When sitting for the exam, there really weren’t any surprises because the professors cover just about all the material that could be tested on in the actual exam. With my undergrad in accounting, master's in tax and now as a licensed CPA in Massachusetts, Bentley set me up for a successful career where I am now working at PwC in their Boston office.

What are the top three skills you gained in your program at Bentley?

  • Tax Code Structure. The most important skill I learned from the MST program was learning the intricacies of how the Code is structured which leads into understanding how to go about finding answers. As the tax code continues to change, having the knowledge on how to efficiently and effectively find information will continue to be a marketable skill in practice.
  • Analytical and Creative Application of Tax Law. Congress often leaves specifics of laws open to interpretation, as every case is unique, so it’s up to tax professionals to think analytically and find the answer.
  • Researching and Understanding a Practical Approach to Learning. The classroom material and the expertise that the professors provided in the classroom helped me to apply my knowledge directly to my job. It sounds simple, but the Internal Revenue Code is extremely complex, and navigating and understanding it can be a daunting task. I learned the ins-and-outs of the Code in Professor David Missirian’s Transactions course. From showing us specific words and phrases in the code that should be noted, to looking further for exceptions in the law, this class was invaluable. Also another practical approach was Professor Scott Thomas’ class on International Tax Practice, where I learned that most businesses have operations in multiple countries and having that hands-on experience with these types of companies is and was hugely important.

What would you tell someone considering your program at Bentley?

I think you have to decide whether or not you want a career in tax because a master's in tax in a very specific degree. But, if tax is for you, the Bentley MS Taxation is the best option out there. With the numerous elective options and professors from all different backgrounds, even though you're getting a master's in tax, you'll learn a lot more than just "taxes."