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Claire Ma

Claire Ma

MS Marketing Analytics Class of 2016

Undergrad Shanghai International Studies University

How did Bentley help you get to where you are today in your career?

In my career, it is critical to know the right things to do and how to do them  At Bentley, the practical skills I learned helped me build a solid academic foundation; the freedom and flexibility in my course projects cultivated my ability to study independently; and the guidance from the Graduate Career Center taught me how to showcase my strengths to other people.

What are the top three skills you gained in your program at Bentley?

  • Hard skills for the industry. Skills I use in my job including SQL, R and statistics.
  • Communication skills. We developed these skills through presentations in classes and discussions with classmates.
  • Interviewing/networking skills. Events held by the career center gave me opportunities to develop my network and practice my networking skills.
"I learned to adapt to new trends."

What would you tell someone considering your program at Bentley?

I would highly recommend that people who care about both data and business/marketing strategy consider the MSMA program at Bentley. The program has a great curriculum that helps you get ready for your career, awesome professors who are leaders in their fields, and intelligent peers who are creative, friendly and helpful. What's more, Bentley has the resources to help you seize the opportunities when they come and has a gorgeous campus to make you happy every day.