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Bentley University and Boston Scores logos

Bentley University is excited to unveil a new collaboration with Boston Scores, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping urban youth build essential life skills and character through soccer and team-based enrichment programs. Launched in 1999 as the first regional affiliate of the America Scores network, Boston Scores traces its origins back to the 1994 World Cup and was founded by public school teacher Julie Kennedy in Washington, D.C. Boston Scores provides free programs to nearly 1,500 students in grades K-12 each year, partnering with over 30 schools and community-based programs. This emerging collaboration between Bentley and Boston Scores, rooted in a shared dedication to empowering youth and fostering community engagement, represents a significant advancement in the missions of both organizations.

“Boston Scores is excited to partner with Bentley University to support the college and career readiness efforts of the students who participate in our organization's after-school soccer programs,” said John Maconga, executive director for Boston Scores. “We look forward to growing the partnership in ways that enhance Bentley's community engagement and enable Boston Scores to serve more students with a deeper impact.”

Recognizing the significant potential of this collaboration and its ability to support Bentley’s 2030 Strategic Plan aimed at advancing community engagement, faculty member and former Bentley student-athlete Rick Miller ‘80 initiated contact between the Boston Scores team and various campus stakeholders. Bentley’s athletic department has signed on to support the development of young athletes, while the Center for Women in Business was brought on to offer program enrichment focused on cultivating leadership skills acquired through team sports. "To increase the representation of women at all levels of the corporate leadership pipeline, we need to engage girls with business early and often and meet them where they are. Our partnership with Boston Scores, an organization serving communities in Boston, supports Bentley's commitment to access and opportunity and our continued investment in using business education to promote the economic mobility of girls, women and their families," said Yaro Fong-Olivares, executive director of the Center for Women and Business.

Over the past six months, representatives from both organizations have engaged in collaborative efforts, both virtually and in person, to shape a shared vision and strategy for the partnership. In March, Bentley hosted a group of 40 high school students from Boston Scores, providing them with a campus tour and a soccer clinic, both led by members of the women’s soccer team and head coach Sarah Dacey. During the campus tour, students visited the Center for Women and Business and Bentley’s Trading Room, where they gained insights into campus life, asked for tips for the college application process, and discovered how a business degree could support their future entrepreneurial goals. The day concluded with students sharing a meal and attending a Bentley men’s soccer match.

Reflecting on the experience, a Boston Scores participant from the Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers High School said: "While touring the Bentley University campus, I realized that it is huge, pretty and filled with classrooms that exceeded my expectations. On the soccer field, through the different drills and activities, I learned more about what it takes to play in college." A Boston Scores participant from Brighton High School added, "I learned more about the campus, and I really loved the environment; I also got interested in finance and business. I will definitely apply to that university. I felt that they are a very close and connected community, which is amazing because you can make a lot of friends and be involved with the community."

"This partnership is a testament to Bentley's dedication to community engagement and empowering the next generation," said Vaughn Williams, Bentley’s athletics director. "Bentley Athletics, the Center for Women and Business, and Boston Scores will form a formidable team, serving as a win-win partnership to support an organization making a tangible impact in the Boston community."

The partners look forward to building on the success of the March event and continuing to create impactful opportunities for young people.

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