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Aleshia Green '19 MSF '24 delivers her commencement address at the podium
Photo by Maddie Schroeder

Welcome, President Chrite, trustees, esteemed guests, faculty, staff, parents, family and friends of my fellow graduates! I’m Aleshia Green, a candidate in the Master’s in Finance program and a soon-to-be Double Falcon, as I graduate with the class of 2024.    

My journey to Bentley started in 2015 when I started my freshman year for my undergraduate degree. I walked in very soft spoken, ready to excel and take on any challenges that came my way. Upon my graduation in 2019, I walked out as a young woman who spoke her truth, who was confident, determined and excited for all the real world would entail.  

I always knew I wanted to continue my education because I love to constantly learn new concepts, skills and build my network to connect with other like-minded individuals. The question was: When? When would I be ready to return? Where would I want to earn my degree? How could I balance school and work simultaneously? All important questions to which I’d soon learn that I had all the answers.  

After talking myself in and out of the idea of a master’s degree multiple times, I finally decided to talk it through with my mom to figure out why I couldn’t come to a decision. I learned that my hesitation didn’t stem from those practical considerations I had previously questioned; rather it was my own fear of failure and not being good enough to achieve that was holding me back. My mother encouraged me to take a leap of faith to take a chance on myself and that’s just what I did.  

There was never going to be a perfect time or an epiphany; the right time would be when I was ready to believe in my capabilities and execute. My grad school search started quite broadly but ultimately led me back to Bentley University. I came for the fall open house in 2021 and every single person I spoke to, students and staff, were welcoming, supportive and so open in sharing their own journeys within education and why they chose Bentley as well. It felt like home. A place where I was loved, supported and cared for.  

Headshot of Aleshia Green
You are more than ready, you are more than good enough, and you are well-equipped with the knowledge and confidence to make it all happen.
Aleshia Green ’19, MSF ’24

During my time here, I’ve been able to attend informative panels about career planning, time management and more. I was granted the opportunity to serve as a panel member for admitted students this past spring, in addition to co-leading a non-traditional careers session with Career Services. I soaked in amazing advice from the panelists and learned from their ability to grow as leaders in their sectors.  

I also had the chance to blend culture with business acumen through “Jamaica Journeys” (GBE 790). This faculty-led trip helped me see past the surface of sun, sea and sand and focus on marketing and entrepreneurship in Jamaica across Kingston and Montego Bay. Bentley has an abundance of formal and informal forums that cater to every program of study across industries to ensure we are all well-equipped for the future we desire.  

So here we are today. Thirteen classes later, balancing a full-time role and school, standing strong with my village holding me up.  

Our Villages. Let us not forget those who have supported us through graduate school. Those who sent us words of encouragement, who made time to accommodate our schedules, listened to our rants, and who constantly reminded us that indeed, we are not alone. Be sure to give them a token of thanks today.  

I would like to give a special thank you to my mom, I truly wouldn’t be here without you. To my village of family, friends and advisors as well as the staff and faculty here at Bentley, I thank you.  

A simple leap of faith has brought me here and launched me into a new community of peers who are seeking the same. It took a simple push for me to follow one of my life goals and I hope that this same sentiment will resonate with you all to propel you into your next chapter.  

You are more than ready, you are more than good enough, and you are well-equipped with the necessary tools, along with the knowledge and confidence, to make it all happen. Today I challenge you to dream, to leap, to fly, to believe in yourself. Pass the glass ceilings that will cease to exist, you’ll never know if the opportunity is missed.  

Be brave, be fearless.  

Never be afraid to fly because you might even soar. So, here’s to the dreamers and believers. We did it, Class of 2024!  

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