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Though technology has drastically changed how we travel, one thing remains the same: tourists still value the printed brochures available around the world. In fact, once they reach their vacation destination, tourists say brochures are their number one resource and they rely on them more than websites. It might be hard to believe when everyone is constantly attached to a smart device - but these are the findings of a new survey conducted by Bentley University’s Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) and commissioned by the International Association of Visitor Information Providers .

Travelers made it clear that even with constant access to online information, they still value printed brochures and take action based on what they read. The findings include:

  • 7 out of 10 tourists and visitors pick-up brochures at their travel destination
  • The influence of brochures from a display stand (69%) has edged ahead of web sites (68%) when a tourist arrives at their destination
  • 95% of visitors had their travel plans influenced by information from a brochure
  • 83% plan to visit a business or attraction highlighted in a brochure, map or travel guide
  • 78% of visitors consider altering their travel plans as a result of a brochure
  • 53% of travelers use brochures to plan their trip before they arrive at their vacation spot

“What’s compelling about this survey is that even though there is a wide range of sources tourists are using to plan their vacations, once they’ve arrived on-site, printed brochures and guides are the first place they turn to be persuaded as to which attractions to see and which businesses to patronize,” says Ian Cross, Director of the CMT. “Visitors trust the printed information, find them informative, user friendly and easy to share with their friends and family on the trip. “

The survey included responses from 1,732 visitors at seventeen locations in North America, Europe and South Africa. To see the full Hospitality Visitor Information Survey, visit:

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Learn more about the full survey.

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