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PhD Programs

Gary Ottley

As a PhD student at Bentley, you will join the dynamic intellectual environment of an internationally ranked business school in metropolitan Boston. The Bentley mission is to provide academic excellence and intellectual depth in business and related professions, while offering programs in the arts and the sciences that not only stand out on their own, but closely inform the study of business. Applied, real-world-oriented research that enhances teaching is at the center of our educational model - and a priority at Bentley.

The Bentley University PhD program prepares students for careers in academia by ensuring that they critically engage with existing literatures and conduct rigorous, publishable research.

Earn a PhD in Accountancy or Business

Bentley offers two programs that feature a fresh approach to doctoral study. The programs, in accountancy and business, are centered squarely on your career interests and plans, and given the demands of an increasingly technological global economy, have a thematic focus on business, technology and society.

These distinctive programs:

  • Are designed to meet your individual needs from the minute you join the program, with a primary adviser and a team of supporting advisers who work with you from the outset to craft a program of study tailored to your goals;
  • Provide a trans-disciplinary platform for your studies and research, drawing on expertise from the business disciplines and the arts and the sciences;
  • Maximize the superior resources of a campus widely recognized for its cutting edge technological facilities that are second to none; and,
  • Offer full-tuition remission, health insurance, and fellowship packages of $26,500-36,000 guaranteed, with a fifth year contingent on progress within the program.

Our research indicates that business schools will seek specific talents in their new faculty members, including a publication record on graduation as well as teaching experience and subject domain and methods expertise. The Bentley PhD program is designed to produce a new generation of scholar-teacher-practitioners who precisely fit that description. Those who enter our program will leave it eminently prepared for rewarding careers in academia. If fact, we are very proud to announce that Bentley PhD Graduate Mari-Klara Stein received the prestigious 2016 CIONET European Paper of the Year Award