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PhD in Accountancy

Program Overview

At Bentley University, we take a personalized approach to your doctoral education. Here, you’ll gain a broad interdisciplinary foundation derived from our emphasis on business, technology and society, as well as a chance to take on independent study that lines up with your own research interests and career ambitions. 

We seek students interested in pursuing research on a variety of accounting topics, including but not limited to; audit quality, management control, investor decision-making, accounting information systems, information technology controls, tax, and corporate governance.  

Please visit our Research Page to learn more about the Accountancy research being conducted at Bentley by our accountancy faculty and doctoral students.  

Curriculum and Syllabi

You’ll explore both quantitative and qualitative methodology courses, and take a series of core seminars in Financial Accountancy, Auditing and Assurance, Managerial Control Systems, Judgment and Decision-Making. You’ll also take an Accountancy Workshop that considers special topics in accounting research, and a specialized course in experimental design that’s taught as an independent study.

Courses by Year

Year 1

Year 2

Fall Semester
Judgment and Decision-Making
Microeconomic Theory
Managerial Control Systems
Course Shadowing 

Spring Semester
Financial Accounting 
Active Teacher Training and Observation 

Summer Semester 
Teaching Workshop

Year 3 & 4*

Year 3:  Teaching assignment (normally one course per semester) & dissertation proposal submitted and defended and student transition to 'PhD Candidate' status
Year 4:  Teaching assignment (normally one course per semester) & dissertation submitted and examined
(*Year 3 and 4 listings is a sample timeline, details will vary based on a 4 or 5 year completion plan.)

Current Accountancy PhD Students  

Jooanne Choi: audit quality and regulations; accounting information quality; corporate governance
Zheng (Lisa) Liu: financial analysts; financial accounting
Landi Morris (Rauch Fellow): corporate governance; regulation; audit quality
Melissa Reville (Geneen Fellow): audit; audit quality; corporate governance
Cristina Thomas: auditor independence; audit quality; audit education
Annie L. Witte: information technology and audit quality; auditor judgment and decision making