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PhD in Business

Program Overview

In the Bentley University PhD in Business program, your research will probe some of today’s most compelling issues, all under the interdisciplinary umbrella themes of business, technology and society. Personalize your studies by concentrating in any of the business disciplines, including Business Analytics, Information and Process Management, Information Systems, Management (including Organizational Behavior, International Business,Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Business Ethics and others), and Marketing.

Within your chosen discipline you would then pursue research that fits within the business, technology and society thematic. Please visit our Research Page to find additional information about our concentration areas and research being conducted by the departments.

Curriculum and Syllabi

From day one, you’ll team up with a supervisor who acts as a mentor throughout your program of study. The Bentley curriculum is designed to ensure you gain both an in-depth understanding of your chosen subject area as well as a broad appreciation of business in the context of the global economy. This grounding enables you to develop the philosophical underpinnings and the tools and techniques necessary to conduct quality business-relevant research.

Courses by Year

Year 1

Year 2

Fall Semester
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Microeconomic Theory
Course Shadowing

Spring Semester
Information Systems
Active Teacher Training and Observation

Summer Semester 
Teaching Workshop

Years 3, 4 & 5*

Year 3: Teaching assignment (normally one course per semester)
Year 4: Teaching assignment and PhD Candidate' status obtained upon submission and defense of the dissertation proposal.
Year 5: Teaching assignment and dissertation submitted and examined. The PhD is awarded upon successful defense of the Dissertation.
(*Year 3- 5 is a sample timeline, details will vary based on a 4 or 5 year completion plan.)

Current Students and Candidates

Current students and candidates are listed by disciplines.


Zefeng Bai: portfolio optimization; market volatility; mathematical finance; statistical modeling

Olga Biedova (PhD Candidate): business analytics; financial mathematics; portfolio optimization

Joseph Dery (PhD Candidate): analytics; data science; data mining

Nitin Jain: options pricing

Fernanda Maciel: data mining; predictive modeling; decision making

Funda Sarican: business analytics

Chao Wang: business analytics

Ying Wang: music analytics; music plagiarism


Wenxiu (Vince) Nan (PhD Candidate): digital innovation; value creation in digital platform; crowdfunding


Naeimah (Naomi) Alkhurafi (PhD Candidate): international entrepreneurship; women entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship and institutions; global strategy

Quinn Coen (Center for Women in Business Fellow): careers equity in the workforce; bias/discrimination intervention

Sami Ghaddar (Geneen Fellow): corporate governance; board refreshment; board gender diversity; corporate social performance

Roman Kurdyukov (Geneen Fellow): corporate social responsibility; business & society; strategy

Vasilia Vasiliou (Center for Women in Business Fellow)& (PhD Candidate): corporate culture; leadership; career barriers that women face; gender diversity and corporate boards

Joanna Walton: career transitions; gender issues in the workforce

Tyler Wasson: business ethics; international business; entrepreneurship; small business management


Ivan Fedorenko: consumer identity; consumer ethics; crowd-sourcing and online value co-creation

Emma (Junhong) Wang (PhD Candidate): service marketing; digital marketing; strategic marketing; marketing management; marketing ethics and CSR; the application of mindfulness in marketing