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Frequently Asked Questions

I was awarded FWS, when should I begin my job search?

Employment preference is given to Federal Work Study (FWS) award recipients during the fall semester. Once we determine that all FWS recipients who have asked us for assistance have been helped, we will allow non-FWS eligible to students to apply for positions available.

How do I find a job on-campus?

Please visit our web page "On-Campus Employment" to view the departments and their job descriptions.  To apply you will: Login to your> Student Self-Service> Undergraduate Menu> Student Services>S.E.A.S.

I've been hired...Now what?

Be sure to understand EXACTLY what the employer expects from you, what the job pays, when to submit your hours, and when you will see your first pay check. Some of this information can be found on the Authorization form you receive when the job is offered to you; Read it carefully!

Complete the I-9 in the Student Employment Office after accepting the position. YOU CANNOT WORK WITHOUT A COMPLETED I-9. For a list of acceptable I-9 documents, click here . Be aware: WORK STUDY IS TAXABLE.

Can my work study earnings be credited to my account?

FWS awards are not credited directly to a student's account. Paychecks are issued on a bi-weekly basis for hours worked. Direct deposit is available and encouraged.

Can I have more than one on campus job during the academic year?

A student may work for more than one department at a time, as long as all supervisors approve, and the student does not work an excess of 20 hours per week.

Can I use the same Authorization Form for all my on campus jobs?

An Authorization Form is required for each job that a student holds at Bentley University. A student should apply and accept their job through S.E.A.S. once per academic year and once per summer term.

If I do not earn all of my work study award, can I use the remainder next year?

Unearned work awards cannot be carried over to the next academic year award periods or summer semester.