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Student Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

For Students OR For Supervisors

How do I apply for a job on-campus?

To apply you will login to your Workday and go click on the Student Employment icon and then Find Job Students.  Detailed direction are in these job aids How to Apply for Student Employment Jobs or How to Apply for Graduate Student Employment Jobs.

If I was awarded FWS, will I be guaranteed a job?

Student Employment positions are open only to FWS recipients at the start of each academic year, fall semester. Jobs are not guaranteed to FWS as it is up to each student to apply and try to obtain a job to earn their award.

I've been hired...Now what?

Be sure to understand EXACTLY what the employer expects from you and when you start. Complete the I-9 in the Student Employment Office after accepting the position through your Workday account, all first time employees are required to submit the I-9 BEFORE they can begin working. YOU CANNOT START WORKING WITHOUT A COMPLETED I-9!  Click here for a List of I-9 Acceptable Documents, original documents must be produced at the time the I-9 form is completed, no photocopies, faxed copies, scanned copies, or pictures are accepted.  Be aware WORK STUDY IS TAXABLE. Once your Workday account becomes activated you will be able to fill out your tax withholdings and set up your direct deposit.  Any questions on how to this through Workday please contact the Payroll office.

I don't have a social security number, what do I do?

All student employees must have a social security number to be placed on the University's payroll to begin working on-campus. The Department of Homeland Security will not assign social security numbers to students who are non-US citizens unless the department's hiring supervisor signs the Bentley Confirmation of Job Offer form and the student presents it with their other required documents to the Social Security Administration when applying for a social security number.

Can my work study earnings be credited to my account?

FWS awards are not credited directly to a student's account. Paychecks are issued on a bi-weekly basis for hours worked. Direct deposit is available and encouraged by the Payroll department.

Can I have more than one on campus job during the academic year?

A student may have more than one job on campus, as long as all supervisors approve, and the student does not work an excess of 20 hours per work week (Sunday - Saturday).

Can I use one job to enter my hours for all my on campus jobs?

A student should accept each job they are working through their Workday account once per academic year and once per summer.  Each job will be activated in Workday and you must enter the hours worked for each individual job

If I do not earn all of my work study award, can I use the remainder next year?

Unearned work awards cannot be carried over to the next academic year or summer semester.


For Supervisors

Are there any job aids on how to create a job requisition, post and unpost a job requisition?

Here are the job aids on How to Create A Job Requisition, How to Post a Job Requisition, and How to Unpost a Job Requisition.

Do I complete evaluations for Student Employees?

Supervisors should complete a performance Evaluation Form for each student they employ at the end of both the Fall and/or Spring semesters as well as the summer season.  Evaluations are important tools which allow supervisors to communicate to students how well they are meeting expectations. Fall evaluations, for example, can provide students with goals for improvement while Spring and Summer evaluations can be used in the re-hire process and in evaluating students for merit increases.  The form is standardized and allows for both supervisor and student comments.

How can I increase a students hourly pay, terminate their job, or update their position?

Supervisors should use the Change Form as a means to update information originally submitted in Workday. For merit increases, you must also complete and submit the Evaluation Form.  Feel free to scan these forms and email them to or submit them through interoffice mail.

How do I approve hours for students?

To approve hours you would go into your Workday account.  For details on how to approve, change, send back or any other option please contact the Payroll department.

Is there any supervisor training?

Whether for the entire department, a few supervisors or just one person we can customize the Supervisor Training and Responsibility (STAR) Program to fit your needs!  Topics include Federal Work Study vs. Bentley Work Program, Supervisor’s Job Page - How To's, Student Federal Work Study Award Work Page, Required Employment Paperwork, and Student Employment forms and procedures.  Email our office to set up a date and time that works best.

I have some basic questions about Student Employment, is there any reference material online?

The Student Employment Manual can answer most of your questions about supervising a student employee.

Are there any templates to creating a department guideline for student employees?

Feel free to use the Employment Guidelines to illustrate your department's standards & expectations when the student begins employment. This document is a suggested contract between your student employee and your department. It covers general professional practices for your office including attendance, conduct, attire, and confidentiality. This form is only a suggested guide and should be tailored by you to meet any specific needs of your department.