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What Helped Me Be Successful as a Student at Bentley

What Helped Me Be Successful as a Student at Bentley

My name is Roselyn Wang. I am a senior at Bentley University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Computer Information Systems and a minor in English Media Art. I have always been interested in Photoshop and video editing, and I have taken a number of Photoshop and video editing courses. Initially, I thought Photoshop and video editing were difficult. As I continue to learn and practice, I realized that Adobe Photoshop and Premiere are just like math equations, and the more I practice, the more I realize how convenient they are and I fell in love with them.

As a senior at Bentley University, there are many things that have contributed to my success:

Review the syllabus

I think it is important to review the syllabus at the beginning of the semester. The teaching style of each professor varies, and each course has a different structure. Upon reviewing the syllabus, students will gain an understanding of the course content and how grades were assigned. Considering that I am not a very good test taker, I always look at the syllabus to determine whether an exam will be given in the course, as well as how heavily the test will be graded. If the course test contributes to a significant portion of the grade, I will consider whether to swap (switch to the same type of course but a different section) or change to a different course. In most cases, the professors post a course schedule for the class, and many professors attach the schedule to the syllabus.

Check the due dates

I recommend putting important due dates on the calendar so that students are aware of when they need to complete assignments and submit them on time. Keeping track of the due dates would allow you to avoid unnecessary points deductions. In the event that you are unable to finish an assignment due to unforeseen circumstances, the majority of professors will grant an extension if the request is submitted prior to the due date. If I have questions or concerns regarding assignments, professors' office hours are included on the syllabus; tutoring centers (learning labs) such as CIS Sandbox, LEAF, writing center, and many other learning labs are very helpful. 

Set the ground rules for team projects

Like many other individuals, I also find team projects to be challenging. It is difficult to keep everyone on the same page when they have busy schedules. In the first group meeting, I recommend exchanging phone numbers, setting up a group chat, and making sure everyone is able to receive messages. The team should set a deadline before the assignment deadline so everyone can submit their parts together. In addition, it is important to understand what you are capable of and what you are not. Every team has a different dynamic and every individual within a team should take on a different role in order to maximize their contribution in helping to make the process of completing assignments more efficient. 

Be flexible when deciding your major or minor

The other challenge I face is that I am uncertain about what I should do in the future. I majored in CFA during my sophomore year. My junior year, I changed my major to Finance with a minor in Marketing, but after taking a FI course I realized that finance is also not my strong suit. As a result, I felt very confused and did not know what major I should pursue. Until one day, during sales class, I learned that the professor had a bachelor's degree in engineering, had been working as an engineer for over twenty years; he enjoys being a professor at our university as well as a trainer of the sales team. In my opinion, his experience is very inspirational, it is not about what you did, but how you did it, and it is never too late to change your career direction. Having passion is very important, because it will motivate you to push forward when times are hard. As of now, I am a Marketing major, CIS minor, and English Media Art minor. I am enjoying what I am learning.

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