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Current PhD Students Seeking to Visit Bentley

Bentley University welcomes applications from current doctoral students interested in taking PhD courses and engaging in research through a visiting experience.

We have hosted students from various locations including Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, and India. Interested students are welcome to contact potential faculty advisers to gain faculty support for a visiting application. 

Policy for Visiting Students
The process for application and acceptance is detailed below. Students interested in visiting for the fall semester, must submit a signed offer letter and a copy of their passport to the PhD Office by May 15th; students interested in visiting for the spring semester must submit them by September 15th.

Application Process

  1. A potential visiting PhD student applies to an individual faculty member to gain support to study at Bentley. Applicants must indicate research interest and objectives to the potential faculty adviser.
  2. The decision to admit the student is based on the following process:
    • The faculty member must decide whether they would like to mentor this student for the period of the proposed visit; this will be based on their knowledge of the PhD visitor’s home supervisor, the reputation of their home institution, and the area of research interest of the visitor. A minimum of a phone conversation is suggested as a mechanism to ensure that there is an alignment of expectations between the proposed visitor and the faculty member.
    • Faculty members interested in accepting a visiting student must apply for permission to the PhD Council, providing a letter indicating the rationale of the visit. The PhD Council will make decisions based on the availability of space.
    • Visits are not confirmed until they are authorized by the PhD office. Please note: not all students who are sponsored by a faculty member are automatically accepted.
    • Visiting students may apply to Bentley after one semester if so desired but must fill out a PhD application which will be evaluated by the PhD Council with other applications in March.
  3. Potential applicants are also advised to contact the Center for International Students and Scholars, for information on the Visa process and stay in the United States.

During your stay at Bentley University

  1. Course Audits: Visiting students can audit courses if staying one semester or more but are encouraged to work on their research with their Bentley faculty mentor, with the purpose being to write a jointly publishable article. The course to be audited must be approved by their adviser and by the faculty member responsible for teaching the course.
  2. Work Requirements: Students visiting for more than six months are required to provide their faculty mentor or department 12 hours per week of work.
  3. Visiting students have access to some of the Bentley technology, shared offices, and will be issued a Bentley ID during their stay.

Institution Reciprocity

Bentley University hopes for reciprocity with other institutions. Opportunities for internships, and faculty or exchange programs for our students will be encouraged as a precondition for visiting.