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Academic Technology Center

Our Classroom Technologies

Our classrooms are equipped with Video Conferencing technologies that support classes in physical, remote, or hybrid mode.

Most of our classrooms are equipped with Video Conferencing technologies that enable our students to attend their classes physically or remotely. These classrooms support Bentley’s Hybrid course offerings.    



1 beyond AutoTracker3 , QSC PTZ-IP Conference Camera 

The auto tracking, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras installed in our Hyrbid Classrooms are designed to follow the speaker at the front of the room using facial recognition. Some of our rooms are equipped with 3 cameras that autoswitch using voice recognition to support a live classroom discussion.

Ceiling Microphones

Shure MXA910

The microphones installed in our Hybrid Classrooms are designed to capture everyone in the room with its 8 specially positioned lobes that provide voice lift, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatically mixing technology for consistent exception sound quality. We also provide lavaliere microphones to our professors for extra voice enhancement.


Control Systems


Q-SYS Ecosystem

The control systems in our classroom buildings manages the audio, video, and control processing and provides our team with the tools to support and maintain the classroom technology.


Touch Screen Computer Systems


SMART Podium 624

The Smart Podium screen monitors give our instructors the ability to annotate directly on to the projected screen in the room while also sharing simultaneously with students online. This touch screen monitor supports SMART software including SMART Notebook and SMART Notepad. This also works with most other annotation tools including those available in Zoom. Most of these monitors are available in our Jenison classrooms.


Smart Boards


Smart Board 7000 Series

The Smart Boards provides a method of annotation more similar to writing on a white board. This digital white board can be seen by the students online while simultaneously shared with students online. This also works with all SMART software in addition to other annotation software tools including those available in Zoom.

Document Cameras


Epson DC – 13 Document Camera

The Document Cameras in our classrooms give the instructors the ability to share objects in HD to the projector in the room and to those who may be online. You can screenshot your images and safe them ahead of time, or use the camera in live view mode. Instructors can also use this camera as a secondary camera within Zoom.


Beyond our enhanced classroom technology, each of our classrooms also include a podium with a computer inside and 15-40 seats and desk space for our students. Our teaching spaces include your typical front facing classrooms, horseshoe and tiered shaped, collaborative, and lab styled classrooms.

Our Learning Spaces

To learn how to use the technology in our classrooms, check out our Classroom Resources. If you have any questions about the technology or would like to schedule a classroom training, reach out to or call us at 781-891-2571(ASK1).

Classroom Resources