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Academic Technology Center

Campus Presentation Technologies

Virtual Event Support Guide

Audiovisual technology support for Bentley sponsored events including expertise advice, on call or live support, and equipment loaning.

External Events on Campus

Bentley University offers its facilities, equipment, technical support, and catering for external events. For more information, go to the Conference Center website.

Internal Events on Campus

For internal events, request space through EMS using your Bentley short name and your Bentley password.

*If you have any questions or concerns about events happening on campus, please reach out to the conference center at 781.891.2273

Online or Hybrid Events

For Hybrid Events, request your physical location on campus within EMS using your Bentley short name and your Bentley password to login.  

Using Zoom

If you are hosting an event with zoom and would like to request a webinar, a large meeting license, zoom support, or media equipment from CPT, please fill out this request form.
Please review the information below to help guide you through your request

Bentley’s Zoom Licenses

Bentley has a limited amount of zoom licenses that are shared throughout the University. Licenses are temporary and will be removed from a host’s account after the event has occurred so that they can be made available for other Bentley members. The zoom license options are as follows:


Webinar Licenses Large Meeting Licenses
500, 1000 participant licenses

500, 1000 participant licenses

If you are not sure about which format you would like to host your event, check out Zoom’s Meeting and Webinar Comparison Page or reach out to CPT@bentley.edufor guidance. If this is your first time hosting a zoom webinar or large zoom meeting event, we strongly suggest signing up for an upcoming “Managing your Zoom Event” workshop. Check the Workshop Calendar for upcoming dates.


Event Support Resources

The Technology We Offer to Faculty
  • PowerPoint Remote
  • Webcam with microphone
  • Lapel microphone
  • Mobile wireless microphone cart
  • USB microphone
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • AV cables
  • Voice amplification device
  • DVD/VCR combos
  • Region free DVD player
  • Huddly
  • PTZ
  • eMeet
Presentation Tools
  • Pointer
  • Slide Advancer
  • Clicker
All in one systems
Our all in one systems provide a simple solution for video conferencing with a microphone, webcam, speakers, and sometimes a computer as well.
  • Polycom studio
  • Dten
Wireless Microphone Kit
Allows for multiple microphones to be connected to a computer for hybrid events.
To learn how to use the technology in our classrooms, check out our Classroom Resources. If you have any questions about the technology or would like to schedule a classroom training, reach out to or call us at 781-891-2571(ASK1).