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Academic Technology Center

Research Equipment

Name Location Description Available to Contact
Alexa and Google Home Smart speakers CIS Sandbox - Smith 234 Smart Home speakers for testing your project ideas out. Faculty/Students Mark Frydenberg
Android tablets CIS Sandbox - Smith 234 Android tablets for application development. Faculty/Students Mark Frydenberg
Audio/Video Listening station in Library Library Blueray/DVD/VHS players to watch video content Faculty/Students Library
Book Scanner in Library Library Used for scanning books one page at a time. Saves images to a PDF file. Faculty/Students Library
Cloud Servers ATC - Adamian 168 Web, compute, and database servers available. Faculty/RA & class projects only ATC
Database Servers ATC - Adamian 168 PostGRES and MSSQL databases available. Faculty/RA & class projects only ATC
Digital Voice Recorders Bentley Library Services Desk Olympus 6000 and 6200 recorders Faculty/Students Library
Eye tracking device ATC - Adamian 168 Eye tracking is a Tobii device available to professors and students for research with guidance from CMT. We also get support from iMotions and device can be used with their suite of other sensory tools that are in UXC and we sometimes use. Faculty/Students ATC
HTC Vive Headset Immersphere - Lindsay 3rd Floor Virtual Reality glasses Faculty/Students - class projects only Jon Ericson
Ipad ATC - Adamian 168 iPads for faculty Faculty ATC
Makerbot 3D Printer ATC - Adamian 168 Print 3D Objects made out of a varity of plastics. Faculty/Students ATC
Microfilm Reader in Library Bowles Room, Library Allows access to materials stored on microfilm. Faculty/Students Library
NComp Research Computing Cluster ATC - Adamian 168 A Linux based supercomputers with over 400 cores and high speed storage. Faculty/RA & class projects only ATC
Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Station ATC - Video Production - Lindsay 12 Virtual Reality station with many applications. Faculty/Students ATC
Raspberry Pi computers CIS Sandbox - Smith 234 Mini low power computers that are great for numerous specific tasks. Faculty/Students Mark Frydenberg
Shimmer 3 GSR Immersphere - Lindsay 3rd Floor Galvanic skin response (GSR) device that measures the degree of stress and/or discomfort a person is experiencing. Faculty/Students - class projects only Jon Ericson
Sphero Robotic Gaming System CIS Sandbox - Smith 234 Robotic ball that can be programmed for 25 games. Faculty/Students Mark Frydenberg
Virtual Reality googles ATC - Video Production - Lindsay 12 Virtual Reality glasses available for class use with mobile phones Faculty/Students ATC
Virtual Reality googles CIS Sandbox - Smith 234 Dedicated Occulus Rift Station, Cardboard VR headsets and an Occulus Quest available with various educational and entertainment apps. Faculty/Students Mark Frydenberg
Xbox 360 and assorted games CIS Sandbox - Smith 234 Gaming system Faculty/Students Mark Frydenberg
Name Equipment Description Available to Contact
Academic Technology Sandbox - LIN 21 Full hybrid classroom setup along with Smartboard Provides a place to test hybrid technologies. Faculty
Bowles Room (Library) DVD/VHS viewers (check out a headphone set from the Library Services first), Microfilm Readers Dedicated quiet environment for reviewing films and microfilm. Faculty/Students Library
CIS Sandbox 6 Collaboration stations, and wall mounted: Smart-Board for practise, Glass board for brainstorming, and a large monitor and projector for presentations. An environment for experimentation and trying new things, stocked with technology and software for you to test drive and collaborate with peers. Faculty/Students
Immersphere (VR Lab) HTC Vive Headsets and Shimmer 3 Galvanic Skin Response devices. The lab is a dedicated space designed for safe and effective use of immersive technologies, equipped with a powerful 3D graphics computer, high-quality VR/AR hardware, game development and avatar creation software, and a variety of biometric tools for assessing psychological and physiological responses to immersive experiences. Faculty/Students - class projects only Jon Ericson
Natural Sciences Labs: Jennison Hall  Equipped with a variety of scientific apparati for faculty and student research purposes.

Interdisciplinary faculty & student research laboratory

Analytical instrumentation laboratory

Physics teaching laboratory

Environmental Chemistry teaching laboratory

Biology and environmental science teaching laboratory

Geology and environmental science teaching laboratory

Faculty/Students Natural Sciences
Lab for Economics, Accounting and Finance (LEAF) The LEAF has 6 networked individual workstations plus four group workstations with 42" display screens, and a conference room with a Smartboard. A high-quality, networked laser printer provides clear, distinct output for reports. Faculty can demonstrate software to their class in a state-of-the-art classroom featuring projection equipment and 36 workstations and follow-up with immediate hands-on applications. The lab assistants are available to assist the students at their own machines. With the 36 workstations plus additional lap-top ports, large classes, external groups or programs can meet in the LEAF when scheduled in advance. Faculty/Students Steve Wasserman
Library Individual Study Spaces PCs with commonly used software on them. Carrels for private study. Faculty/Students Library
MBA Studio Smartboard, LCD at each station, and Lanschool to distribute video image across all of the displays in the room. Large Smartboard equipped collaboratory with 36 seats. Faculty/Students
Media and Cultures Lab iMacs with access to Adobe Creative Cloud, they also have a video editing suite in LIN18 for faculty and students to reserve and use A state-of-the-art facility in support of arts and sciences majors and liberal studies concentrations, professionally equipped with media production tools for video, audio, digital photography and design projects. Faculty/Students Media and Cultures Lab
Mini-Studio – LIN 11C Digital Annotation Surface (Touchscreen), Computer, Professional Grade Microphone and Video Camera, Better Lighting A small studio for making your own recordings. Faculty
PC Classroom in SMI 110 36 PCs Classroom with 36 PCs for students to use for class projects during class. Faculty/Students
Smart Classrooms Podium PC, Smart Podium (touch panel) or Regular Monitor, Smart Board (in some classrooms), Projector and screen, Document Camera, 75" confidence monitor (shows remote students in back row of classroom), Camera (facing faculty member), QSC touch panel (controls equipment, etc. used in the room), Shure Microflex ceiling tiles (microphone panels) A variety of technologies are found in our standard classrooms to improve pedagogical methods and handle remote learning. Faculty/Students
Trading Room 60 PC workstations, 24 Bloomberg terminals The Trading Room is a state-of-the-art teaching and research center located in the Smith Academic Technology Center at Bentley University (Suite 226). As the centerpiece of the university's Hughey Center for Financial Services, the Trading Room provides firsthand exposure to financial concepts such as trading, portfolio construction, corporate finance concepts and risk management. Faculty/Students Trading Room
Bentley User eXperience Center (UXC) Each lab is a multi-room suite, equipped with a one-way mirror, multiple high-definition video cameras and table microphones, and a comfortable observation room for our clients. The labs also offer iMotions analysis for eye tracking, facial experssion, and galvanic skin response. Provides a wide range of user research services aimed at understanding user/customer needs, motivations, and the broader context of use, giving you the data and insights to design a great user experience. Faculty/Students UXC
Video Production Studio Teleprompter, Learning Glass (Board), Digital Annotation Surface (Touchscreen), Computer, Choice of Lectern or Table/Chair Large professionally staffed studio meant for video production projects. Faculty
ZoomRooms for Web Conferencing Large monitors and a tablet for controlling Zoom meetings Meeting rooms with dedicated Zoom interfaces. Faculty EMS/Conference Center and Adamian 168 via