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Check out what Health TLN members are doing to address COVID-19

Bentley Health TLN members are conducting important research across business and the arts and sciences on the effects of COVID-19. Members are also creating unique opportunities in the classroom related to COVID-19. Below are a series of short interview videos with Health TLN members about their current and planned COVID-19 projects. Please reach out if you are interested in discussing or collaborating on COVID-19 related projects:

In these interviews, Health TLN members were asked:

  • What are you currently working on related to COVID-19?
  • What are you excited about working on?
  • What's next?

Research Projects

Miriam Boeri: Drug use, pregnancy & the disadvantaged population

Miriam Boeri talks about how COVID-19 has impacted her current field research and how it has changed/added to her future research. Dr. Boeri discusses the following topics and their relation to the pandemic: 

  1. Drug use and terminology 
  2. Pregnancy, drug use and COVID-19
  3. How the pandemic has effected the most disadvantaged
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Jill Brown: Relationships between business & society

Jill Brown studies the "... relationships between business and society and more broadly issues of corporate social responsibility and ethics and corporate governance ... ." COVID-19 has amplified these relationships and has served as a "litmus test" for many issues between the two. Dr. Brown discusses:

  1. Marginalized stakeholders
  2. Implication on corporate governance (Boards of Directors)
  3. Business' crisis management
  4. What we should do next

Dr. Brown's COVID-19 related research:

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Rob DeLeo: Mitigation policies & risk perceptions and behaviors

Rob DeLeo received a National Science Foundation grant to research COVID-19 risk communications, perceptions and behaviors. Dr. DeLeo is working on this research with the multi-institution, multi-disciplinary Risk & Social Policy Working Group. They are conducting a multi-wave survey in 6 states to explore individuals' perceptions changes across time and scraping government websites to track states' policy changes. In this video, Dr. DeLeo discusses how their research is influencing and exploring:

  1. Academic theories
  2. Public policy and public health
  3. Masks and messaging
  4. Response as collective action

Dr. DeLeo & the Risk & Social Policy Working Group's COVID-19 related research in the news:

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Monica Garfield: Healthcare & the homeless population

Monica Garfield has extensively researched the use of telehealth and telemedicine and is now applying her expertise to the homeless population to identify ways to help during the pandemic. Dr. Garfield is partnering with local organizations to determine what people need and how it can be obtained. Dr. Garfield further explains her research with the homeless population and:

  1. Telehealth during COVID-19
  2. Using technology for obtaining health services
  3. The digital divide

Dr. Garfield's research on homelessness:

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Matthew Jackson: Underlying science, vaccines & treatments

Matthew Jackson works in the Center for Integration of Science and Industry on the maturity of underlying basic research, funding and drug development. Dr. Jackson is currently working on multiple research projects related to the pandemic. Current and future COVID-19 projects discussed: 

  1. The underlying science of Remdesivir
  2. Drug costs
  3. Vaccines
  4. Treatments

Dr. Jackson's COVID-19 related research in the news:

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Fred Ledley: Financing, public policy & drug development

Fred Ledley explains the Center for Integration of Science's current research around "the financing and public policy related to drug development" as it relates to COVID-19. Dr. Ledley discusses:

  1. The government's contribution to basic science and why it matters
  2. The Center's previous research & the pandemic
  3. Measuring the value of a drug
  4. Value created by the interaction of science and business

Dr. Ledley's COVID-19 related research in the news:

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Mingfei Li: Health policy & hypertension medications

Mingfei Li discusses research completed with Bentley colleagues, Swati Mukerjee and Clifton Chow, on an innovative examination on state specific containment strategies and COVID-19 infections, which is now available on medRxiv as a preprint. Dr. Li also discusses her ongoing research with the VA. In this short video, Dr. Li covers:

  1. Government stringency and compliance
  2. Hypertension medication and COVID-19
  3. Big data

Dr. Li's COVID-19 related research:

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Teaching Projects

Matthew Jackson: Redesigning human biology

Dr. Jackson teaches human biology in the department of Natural and Applied Sciences. They quickly updated the course to reflect the pandemic during the spring semester and the course continues to evolve this fall, addressing the science related to COVID-19.

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Mingfei Li: Analyzing web traffic

Dr. Li is teaching an analytic project course this semester. Her students will develop projects using web traffic and customer feedback data from 2 partners. Learn more about how they will apply advanced statistical methods to analyze the changes before and during the pandemic. 

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Leeann Simons: Modifying health & disease course

Leeann Simons teaches multiple courses in the department of Natural and Applied Sciences. In this video, she talks about how she has updated her Human Health & Disease course to reflect the pandemic and what the course includes.

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Health TLN members conduct innovative research in a variety of cross-disciplinary areas. 

For a complete list of recent members' health-related publications, click here.

Patients & Consumers

  • The paradigm of patient-centered care in the "business of healthcare"
  • The complex interplay of psychology, communications and education
  • Concerns about privacy, autonomy and ethics
Learn More

Systems & Information

  • Examination of the healthcare systems, their structure, behaviors and management
  • The increasingly central role of computers and information technologies in clinical care
  • Information and process management
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Outcomes & Measures

  • Epidemiological, actuarial, and economic measures related to the business of healthcare
  • Applications of big data, machine learning and data analytics methods
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Technology & Innovation

  • Challenges of innovation spanning science, management, finance and policy
  • Innovation's impact on health and healthcare
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Featured Member Research

The Unintended Consequences of E-cigarette Rules and Regulations

Age limits on and advertising for e-cigarettes is having surprising effects on who uses them and who doesn’t. So found Dr. Dhaval M. Dave, Stanton Research Professor of Economics, Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and member of the Health Thought Leadership Network at Bentley University, who received a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2016 to study what was then an emerging nicotine product that a lot of people didn’t know much about.

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The Unintended Consequences of E-Cigarette Rules and Regulations
Dr. Jon Ericson

The Future of Health Care is a Virtual Reality at Bentley

He may be an expert in virtual reality, but Assistant Professor Dr. Jon Ericson’s work has very real implications for the future of health care and its study at Bentley University.

Dr. Ericson, who arrived at Bentley in January 2017, is the architect behind Bentley’s new virtual and augmented reality lab, where students and researchers are able to create, explore, and manipulate virtual environments. Virtual reality, as a still-evolving technology, has applications for myriad industries, from architecture to social interaction to industrial design. But the health care space is where Dr. Ericson sees significant potential.

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Nanotechnology, Scientists, and Startups

For entrepreneurs seeking an edge in the business community, look to the field of nanotechnology. You have more to offer than you may think, according to Christopher Skipwith, an assistant professor in the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences and member of the Health Thought Leadership Network at Bentley University.

“The biggest thing I try to cultivate in my students is that you don’t need to be a scientist to have a role in a science-based startup,” says Skipwith, a biophysicist and materials engineer with a research focus in nanotechnology. 

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Nanotechnology, Scientists, and Startups
Engaging with Global Health Problems in Africa

Engaging with Global Health Problems in Africa

Global health issues are no abstraction when you live and work alongside African villagers in urgent need of food, water, and basic sanitation, according to Bentley professors who have spent more than a decade engaged with such communities.

Recently Bentley’s Health Thought Leadership Network, which advances impactful research in health and healthcare, supported the innovative work of two faculty members. Both are engaged in transformative work in Africa. In interviews, they share the philosophy behind their work and the passion that drives it.

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Preparing for Disaster Before it Strikes

When a deadly virus strikes, an earthquake erupts, biological agents are released, governments swing into action. Officials develop solutions to the crisis because, as all can see, the need is evident. A better game plan: anticipate risks, even those not easily identifiable, and prepare beforehand.

This is the policy challenge posed by Rob DeLeo, Assistant Professor of Global Public Policy in the Department of Global Studies at Bentley University, in his new book, Anticipatory Policymaking: When Government Acts to Prevent Problems and Why It is So Difficult. 

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Rob DeLeo
Jill Brown

The Future of Healthcare: What You Need to Know

Recently, Jill Brown, a management professor at Bentley University, went to the doctor. Over the course of her examination, she was directed to get a routine but specialized test at a nearby hospital. Here is the thing: she knew better.

The healthcare industry is changing and you will benefit from learning about the business decisions at play, according to Brown, whose research examines the sweeping changes occurring in the sector. 

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