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Meet Bentley MBA Students: Estefania Barnuevo

Name: Estefania Barnuevo
Home country: Ecuador
Program of study: MBA Finance concentration
Graduation class: May 2021

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  1. Tell us more about yourself. Where are you from and what made you decide to study at Bentley University?

My name is Estefania, and I am from Ecuador, South America. I decided to join Bentley because when I visited campus everyone was welcoming and friendly, something I did not feel when I moved to Boston in 2018. I walked around campus with one of the students I met, and she explained everything and showed me all the facilities. The campus is beautiful and the people provide great experiences.

  1. Why did you choose to pursue your program? Was it sparked from a childhood ambition, parent's advice, etc.? What goals do you plan to achieve in this field?

I chose an MBA because I come from a business family. They owned a business before I was born so I grew up with that example. I wanted to improve my managerial skills and specialize in areas like corporate finance and international business. Also, when I was doing my undergraduate degree one of the professors said an MBA was not enough. I had to choose a concentration so I will stand out from others.

  1. What was your most memorable class and why? Who was the professor that taught this class?

My favorite class was investments, I took it in the fall. The class was hard, but the professor was amazing. I feel that made the class enjoyable and we developed a friendship. We still talk to each other and have been working on other projects. His name is Professor Alain Chinca.

  1. What are the top three hard skills and soft skills that you’ve gained here? How do you plan to use your skills and knowledge in a post-pandemic world?

The hard skills I learned are proficiency, computer programming, and project management. For me, these three are at the top of the list because I will be using them in my day-to-day when working full-time. Proficiency stands out because of the number of presentations I had during class. Programming and project management are also connected with soft skills like teamwork, flexibility, and decision making. All of these skills can be applied every day to improve work and adapt to situations.

  1. What do your day-to-day activities look like? Can you please describe what a typical day is like for you pre- and post-pandemic? How do you stay motivated during these trying times?

Usually, I wake up around 7:30 and prepare breakfast. I go to the gym from 8-10 and then I log in for work. I check in with my team and the tasks that are pendant. Around 1 pm I have lunch while I’m still at my desk and put some music on. At 4:30 pm I log out and go out of my house. I go to a park or just drive around. Sometimes I visit stores and get a coffee. After that, I come back and read or do homework and I go to bed around 11. Pre-pandemic I used to do the same but I worked on campus, so that was nice because I had lunch with more people and walked around campus. I usually spent most of my time at the library, so I wouldn't get distracted at home while doing homework. Currently, I am just going with the flow day by day and try to stay in touch with my family as much as I can.

  1. Tell us more about your online learning experience. Who were some of your favorite lecturers and what were your most memorable classes? Which lecturers are the most engaging in your e-classes and why?

I am taking a Mergers and Acquisitions class now and feel it has been the most engaging online class. The professor recorded core class concepts, so we only focused on case discussion during the two hours to create more participation. I feel that for the professor is hard to engage students effectively solely in this virtual environment, so this has been a good way to keep us focused in the class and learn at our own pace.

  1. Tell us more about any internship or placement you’ve joined. How did the university help you to secure them?

Career Services is the best, I usually tell students that the best way to be considered is to engage with the office. If you are interested in learning about them, contacting them, and attending their events, they will notice you and consider you if an offer is posted. They help you with your resume, job search, interview preparation, etc. What they do is amazing. I joined Novartis pharmaceuticals last summer and I was offered a full-time position there, I used every resource and worked closely with the office.

  1. What are your plans after graduating? How do you think your education will help you achieve these goals?

I will be joining a full-time position at Novartis in New Jersey. I will apply many of my finance courses and the soft skills I learned at Bentley.

  1. What are your top three favorite things to do on and off-campus when you're not studying?

My favorite thing to do on campus is go to the library and study rooms or sit outside in the grass. I usually have lunch outside with my friends. And off-campus I like shopping on Newbury street and dining in some new restaurants in the city. I also run around, visit lakes, and go to the beach as many days as I can during summer. During winter I go skiing every weekend and watch a lot of movies with hot chocolate.