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Graduate Admission

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Scholarship Opportunities & Recommendations to Fund Graduate School reported that 51% of their total registrants have reservations about applying to business school due large in part to tuition costs. One major piece of advice I can give for prospective students interested in Bentley University's graduate programs is to not let the sticker price deter you from applying. In this blog you can find information on scholarship opportunities and helpful recommendations on ways you can fund your education.

The article from also shared that "85 percent of full-time MBA programs report that they offer merit scholarships to applicants as a means of reducing students’ tuition cost burden...About 3 in 4 business master’s programs also offer merit scholarships, including Master of Data Analytics (73% of programs), Master of Finance (77%), Master in Management (77%), and Master of Accounting (79%)"

The above presentation sheds ight on available resources, things to consider regarding financing while in your graduate school search, and scholarship and aid opportunities that Bentley has to offer.

Full & Part-Time MBA & Master's Degree Scholarships

Bentley offers scholarships to highly qualified full-time and part-time graduate students in the form of tuition reductions with over two million dollars awarded each year. Scholarships are based on the competitiveness of your application and are not need-based. The admission committee when determining scholarship awards looks at all components of your application including academic history, transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation, and tests scores.

The average award to Bentley MBA candidates is $12K for entering part-time programs and $19K for entering full-time programs. Incoming Bentley students entering MS programs receive awards averaging between $8.5K and $11K depending on whether their program designation is part-time or full-time.

Bentley also works with reputable lenders MPower and Prodigy Financing, which provide loans to international students without requiring a co-signer. Our students have found this very useful to supplement costs after their first year. Funds can cover tuition, living expenses, and other school expenses.

I would highly encourage you to explore out website to learn about Graduate Assistantship positions, student employment opportunities, VA benefits, special programs, and more. Our admission team is happy to connect at any time to go over these options as you work to complete your application.