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All the World's a Page

New Books by Bentley Faculty Explore Diverse Global Issues

Molly Mastantuono

From entrepreneurship and ethnology to South Asian history and global sustainability, the latest publications from Bentley faculty members explore a variety of timely topics. Read on for details about books published during the 2019-2020 academic year, many of which are available through the Bentley Library’s Faculty Publications Collection.  

Leading with Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense coverAuthors: Wiley Davi, English and Media Studies, and Duncan Spelman, Management

From the publisher: “The authors challenge the ‘common sense,’ mainstream thinking about leadership, arguing that effective leadership depends on a more complicated understanding of the underlying dynamics .... The book calls for leaders to operate with more humility and greater awareness of the multiple contexts in which they function — approaches that improve life for all organizational members. As leaders become more effective, they will become healthier and more satisfied, less harried, more grounded, and more fulfilled in their lives.”

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable Growth

Entrepreneurship cover Author: Nader Asgary, Economics and Management

From the publisher: “Entrepreneurship and innovation play a vital role in fostering sustainable development. Advances in technology and communications have both transformed the process of business as well as strengthened the role of entrepreneurship in developed and developing countries. This important book is the first to provide the fundamental concepts and applications for faculty and students in this field, and also serves as a professional reference for practicing entrepreneurs and policymakers.”

Global Business

Global Business coverAuthor: Nader Asgary, Economics and Management 

From the publisher: “We have approached this second edition from a forward-looking perspective by incorporating economic, social, and environmental issues, which have strong links to stakeholders and are guided by the Triple Bottom-Line (TBL) concept [which] emphasizes the importance of Profit, People, and Planet .... This approach enables readers to assess global business opportunities and risks in a comprehensive and integral manner.”

Barbarian Seasons

Barbarian Seasons coverAuthor: David Blair, English and Media Studies

Review from publisher’s website: “The poems of David Blair’s Barbarian Seasons stroll, snap, gossip, and dance, a street party thrown by one of contemporary poetry’s finest freewheeling hosts. But the collection’s joyful, irrepressible Whitmanian vision also makes it a special standout in this era. I dare you to join the basketball players, the Cuban nun, the chumps, the sea snot, the hairy-legged, and the socialist-realist oompah-loompahs in this smart and rousing celebration of an America not lost, but found.” — Maria Hummel

Walk Around

Walk Around coverAuthor: David Blair, English & Media Studies

Review from publisher’s website: “Reading David Blair’s book of essays is like taking a walk with a smart, well-read friend — and before you know it, you’ve learned an enormous amount about a wide range of topics: Ella Fitzgerald, Robert Lowell, and Tomaž Šalamun, with references to “Welcome Back, Kotter,” and Cosmo Topper along the way. In prose that is frank and intimate, Blair brings his world to life, in a way that is at once both literary and street-wise — the description of the worst poetry reading of all time is worth the price of admission alone — always keeping the reader in the presence of flesh and blood.” — John Skoyles

Inside Ethnography

Inside Ethnography coverAuthor: Miriam Boeri, Sociology

From the publisher: “While some books present ‘ideal’ ethnographic field methods, Inside Ethnography shares the realities of fieldwork in action. With a focus on strategies employed with populations at society’s margins, twenty-one contemporary ethnographers examine their cutting-edge work with honesty and introspection, drawing readers into the field to reveal the challenges they have faced.”

Preparing for High Impact Change

Preparing for High Impact Change coverAuthor: Anthony Buono, Management

From the publisher: “Effective organizational change involves a combination of understanding, learning and unlearning, and practiced behaviour as part of the underlying conceptualization, formulation, and implementation processes. The book presents a series of exercises that promote self-learning and developing readiness for change, from preparing people for change, understanding and managing resistance, and coping with change-related obstacles to seeking buy-in for the change.”

High Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women's Entrepreneurship coverAuthor: Linda Edelman, Management 

From the publisher: “Women’s entrepreneurship is vital for economic and social development, yet female entrepreneurs worldwide are consistently found to have weaker sales and employment growth, fewer jobs, and lower profitability. This book was written to address this reality and focuses on the high-growth potential of women entrepreneurs.”  

How Language Began

How Language Began coverAuthor: Daniel Everett, Global Studies and Sociology 

From the publisher: “Mankind has a distinct advantage over other terrestrial species: we talk to one another. But how did we acquire the most advanced form of communication on Earth? Daniel L. Everett, a ‘bombshell’ linguist and ‘instant folk hero’ (Tom Wolfe, Harper’s), provides in this sweeping history a comprehensive examination of the evolutionary story of language, from the earliest speaking attempts by hominids to the more than seven thousand languages that exist today.”

Global Champions of Sustainable Development

Global Champions coverAuthor: Patricia Flynn, Economics

From the publisher: “The 17 Sustainable Development Goals [of the United Nations] embody the collective aspirations of the world’s peoples: peace, freedom, development and sustainability .... This book, the first of its kind, offers a platform shares the individual experiences and personal studies of champions around the world that ‘make sustainability work’ in different contexts.”

How Mediation Works

How Mediation Works coverAuthor: Angela Garcia, Sociology 

From the publisher: “Using conversation analysis to study the interaction between mediators and disputants, this study shows how mediation is used to resolve conflict in small claims and divorce mediation sessions. Angela Garcia explores the techniques mediators use to help disputants tell their stories, make and respond to complaints and accusations, and come up with ideas for resolving the dispute.” 

An Endangered History

Endangered History coverAuthor: Angma Jhala, History 

From the publisher: “This book investigates how British administrators from the eighteenth to mid-twentieth centuries used European systems of knowledge, such as botany, natural history, gender, enumerative statistics, and anthropology, to construct the indigenous communities of the Chittagong Hill Tracts and their landscapes. In the process, they connected the region to a dynamic, global map, and classified its peoples through the reifying language of religion, linguistics, race, and nation.” 

The Demise of Free Trade

Demise of Free Trade coverAuthor: Michelle Klieger, Economics 

From the publisher: “For most people, the [U.S.-China] trade war and tariffs are a mystery. This book explains how tariffs work and their impact on the economy in plain English with easy-to-follow examples. It includes a summary of the tariff and non-tariff actions taken by both sides up until now and it analyzes cultural, economic, and political reasons why the two have not reached an agreement yet.” 

Managing Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation coverAuthor: Marco Marabelli, Information & Process Management 

From the publisher: “This cutting-edge new textbook examines how effective knowledge management can make organizations more innovative. Blending an extensive body of international research and analysis with examples of practical implementation, it demonstrates how organizational structures and strategies combined with digital technologies can better foster innovation.” 

The Good Enough Manager

Good Enough Manager coverAuthor: Aaron Nurick, Management 

From the publisher: “Nearly ten years after he wrote this humanistic exploration of The Good Enough Manager, or GEM, Aaron Nurick returns with an updated edition … [that] incorporates up-to-date trends and themes, including the impact of increased globalization; increased tribalism, cultural and political polarization, and populism; the great expansion and proliferation of technology; and the emergence of the ‘gig economy.’” 

Essentials of Business Research Methods

Essentials of Business Research Methods coverAuthor: Michael Page, Finance 

From the publisher: “In an era of big data and data analytics, how can managers make decisions based on almost unlimited information, not to mention hiring and retaining individuals with the required data analytics skills? The new fourth edition of Essentials of Business Research Methods explains research methods and analytical techniques for individuals who aren’t data scientists.” 

How to be a Well Being

How to Be a Well Being coverAuthor: Jim Pouliopoulos, Marketing 

From the publisher: “It’s time to ditch the tired, old wisdom, and take life into your own hands. We’ve all fallen for the mantra that ‘you only live once,’ but it's a big fat lie. The truth is that you get to live — really live — every single day of your life. Based on the wisdom of Positive Psychology, How to be a Well Being teaches you to strive toward your true potential ... stop wasting time and start achieving … focus on what’s truly important … rethink your thinking … [and] find meaning and fulfillment.” 

Tacit Racism

Tacit Racism coverAuthor: Anne Rawls, Sociology 

From the publisher: “Every time we interact with another human being, we unconsciously draw on a set of expectations to guide us through the encounter. What many of us in the United States — especially white people — do not recognize is that centuries of institutional racism have inescapably molded those expectations. This leads us to act with implicit biases that can shape everything from how we greet our neighbors to whether we take a second look at a resume. This is tacit racism, and it is one of the most pernicious threats to our nation.” 

The Engaged Sociologist

Engaged Sociologist coverAuthor: Jonathan White, Sociology 

From the publisher: “This concise text carries the public sociology movement into the introductory sociology classroom. While teaching students to think sociologically and to develop a sociological eye, it also demonstrates how sociology can be used as a tool for improving society.” 

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