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Participants in Celtics Career Day, presented by Bentley University, gather on the court at TD Gardenrden
Photos by Maddie Schroeder.

Twenty Boston-area high school students recently got an inside look at pathways to a career in sports during Celtics Career Day, presented by Bentley University. The career day, which took place at TD Garden and in the Celtics headquarters, helped students to learn how college can provide a foundation for their career and learn about the types of career opportunities with a professional sports team. The program — which included collaboration with Boston Public Schools and 7uice Foundation — advances one of the key goals of the Bentley-Celtics partnership: to develop meaningful educational and developmental opportunities for students from underrepresented communities in the Boston area.

As Bentley President E. LaBrent Chrite welcomed students to the program, he set the stage for the day. “Today is really for and about you,” he began, highlighting that while there is not just one path to career success, “whatever defines your passion and purpose must include the recognition of the expectations and the skills that today’s market requires.”

In addition to learning about the college admission process from Bentley representatives, high schoolers heard from Celtics front office staff who highlighted behind-the-scenes career opportunities in sports. Among the presenters was Bentley alumna Ariann Williams ’12, director of community engagement at the Celtics.

“When I first started,” Williams said, “I was a boots-on-the-ground jack-of-all-trades, and it gave me exposure to a handful of different things, which I actually found beneficial because 12 years later I was able to drill down and say, ‘This is what I want to do and why I want to do it.’”

Williams, who majored in Economics-Finance, credited her Bentley experience for shifting career plans from finance to a community engagement role with the Celtics. 

“I really think what set me apart for that job was the preparation of college ... A lot of the times, the things I was learning inside the classroom were reinforced outside of the classroom,” Williams said, referring to coursework and her experiences as a student-athlete on the field hockey team. Among her top Bentley takeaways? “Communication, the ability to present well and business ethics in general.”

Celtics Marketing Coordinator Autumn Ceppi, MBA ’23 said that college, including the Bentley MBA program, gave her confidence in her own skills and an understanding of the different facets of marketing. “There are so many different types of creativity. One of those things is being able to problem-solve — being able to be quick on your feet, come up with new ideas and not be afraid to share those ideas.”

Ceppi told the high schoolers, “Don't ever be scared to share your opinion. You should always feel confident in what you have to say, especially if it’s something you’re passionate about.”

Watch highlights from Celtics Career Day, presented by Bentley University.

Video by Kevin Maguire.

The high schoolers were able to ask questions during each presentation, and smaller breakout sessions with Celtics representatives on topics like finance, marketing and corporate partnerships provided a chance for even more conversation. Celtics staffers discussed their path to working on the business side of the NBA, including the necessary skillset to work in professional sports, as well as their favorite or most challenging parts of the job. 

One high school student said that hearing from Bentley students and Celtics staffers helped him recognize “that we share the same interests and they’re in a place where I see myself in a few years.”

Another high school student said of career day, “It’s been really uplifting. The panel with the three women was really empowering for me — especially as a woman — because it makes me feel like I want to keep doing what I’m setting out to do, even if it's hard. Just seeing all the obstacles they overcame and everything that they went through to get here, it took time.”

A group of Bentley students joined sessions to share their stories about choosing Bentley and impactful courses and experiences. 

“I wish there had been opportunities like this career day available to me,” said Jaychele Nicole Schenck ’26, who serves as a strategic programs student manager in Bentley’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and is DEI chair of Black United Body. “I discovered Bentley when I heard about the DEI major shortly before the application deadline. It was a pivotal moment, and I was compelled to apply. I believe early exposure to such events like this one could greatly benefit students in exploring their options.” 

Bentley student Mozart Saint Cyr ’25, who serves as Black United Body president, agreed about the program’s value. “Although it was just a one-day event, I saw the profound impact in mentoring high school students. The event successfully bridged the gap between academic pursuits and real-world professional endeavors, offering tangible benefits to the participating students. By fostering a connection between education and future careers, initiatives like these play a crucial role in shaping future leaders for success.”

More Bentley student perspectives from the day

“To hear that some of the students at the career day were only sophomores in high school and already invested in getting the step ahead into what college would look like really inspired me.” –Jeffrey Charles ’25, Vice President of the Caribbean Ancestry Student Association and Black United Body

“It was amazing to connect with the high schoolers and talk to them about their goals and plans — especially as they approach the time for deciding where they want to take the next chapter of their life.”  –Markus Facey-Castillo ’27, E-board member of Black United Body and Bentley Mankind Movement

“The career day empowered high school students to hone in on preparing for college and to start building the confidence to find what speaks to them.” –Mama Darboe ’26, Secretary of Black United Body

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