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September 11, 2020

Dear Bentley Community,

This week, in-person learning for students enrolled in Bentley’s screening test program officially began following our ease-in period. Additional access to areas across campus including the library and dining in the 921 have also opened for our on-campus community members with appropriate face covering and physical distancing requirements in place. Thus far, residential students have done their part to follow the thorough requirements set forth to maintain a healthy and safe campus. As the trimester moves forward, we’ll be looking to all members of our community to remind each other of the importance of maintaining these practices.

Testing and Dashboard
We started off the week returning from the long weekend with our largest testing day to date with 1,080 screening tests conducted in the Miller Parking Deck. Please ensure that you set appointments for every week for the entire fall trimester. Visit for information and access to the Bentley Health Portal to schedule your appointments. As students, faculty and staff continue to familiarize themselves with the screening process, we owe a great deal of thanks to those who have volunteered to staff the testing site.

As a reminder, be sure to check our COVID-19 Testing Dashboard to track our testing totals throughout the fall.

Wristbands and Access to Campus
As students move through the screening test protocols, they’ll be given a new colored wristband each week to indicate that they are current with their testing. Only those with the appropriate colored wristbands will be permitted on campus. Due to the nature of scheduling tests, some colors may overlap into the next week leaving two colors in the approved category. For example, this week both yellow and red wristbands indicated that a student was up to date with their testing. You can check the dashboard mentioned above to see what colors students should be wearing. Faculty and staff who are part of the screening test program are not part of the wristband protocol.  

Keeping Momentum
I mentioned earlier that on-campus students have been cooperative and responsible in the early days of the fall 2020 trimester. It’s important that we all do our part to remind them to remain steadfast in their commitment to keeping themselves and their peers safe in the weeks and months ahead. As has been seen at colleges and universities across the country and nearby, it only takes one small group to create a cluster of positive cases. By continuing to wear face coverings, maintaining appropriate physical distance, washing hands and surfaces regularly and completing the personal health checklist every day, we can do our best to mitigate the risk of an outbreak.

That is not to say that there won’t be more positive cases on campus. As we’ve said before, we are expecting those and are ready to handle them when they come. However, reminding students to continue to follow campus policies and protocols will minimize risk and help us to identify and contain cases early.

Thanks again for all of your hard work to get to this week, and thanks in advance for continuing to do your part to ensure the trimester continues to move forward. As always, continue to check the Back to Bentley website for additional new content and updates.

Geoffrey C. Bartlett, CEM
Director of Emergency Management