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Bentley Business Bowl 2020

23rd Annual Bentley Business Bowl

                                                      February 22, 2020

Open to all registered Bentley students

The Bentley Business Bowl (BBB) is a one-day campus-wide, business case competition held annually and open to all registered students—graduate and undergraduate. Teams of five students of the same class code level compete against other teams of the same level. It is an opportunity for each team to showcase their skills in solving real world business problems and to interact and network with business professionals. A panel of judges drawn from alumni and the professional and corporate community evaluates each team’s presentation.

View a video of the 2011 Bentley Business Bowl

Awards and benefits for each team member:

FIRST PLACE Graduate Senior Junior

  • $350 Graduate

Additional Benefits:

  • Food and breaks provided throughout the day
  • Opportunity to network with business professionals and alumni
  • Opportunity to interact with other students
  • Opportunity to showcase your presentation skills

Students compete in teams of five students within the same class code against teams in the same level. Mixed teams will NOT be allowed to compete except at the Junior/Senior level. If you have any questions about your class code, refer to MyBentley or your DAS report.

Competition Format

Students are presented with case(s) in the morning that will require critical thinking and the application of a team’s knowledge of ethics, business, accounting, and information technology. Students can use any resources available on campus in preparing solutions except consulting with non-team members.


Each team will present in the afternoon before a panel of judges drawn from the professional community. Teams are encouraged to use PowerPoint or other technology to enhance their presentation. You will be provided with a PowerPoint template that you can use if you wish.

Judges will use the following criteria to evaluate presentations:

  • Critical Issues: Did the team clearly and appropriately identify the critical issued raised by the case?
  • Evidence: The team's analysis showed excellent use of evidence, including supplemental research as appropriate.
  • Recommendations: The recommendations clearly addressed the critical issues. Recommendations were feasible, creative, and appropriate.
  • Q&A: Answers during the Q & A portion were clear, thoughtful, and relevant. All team members participated in the presentation.
  • Overall impression: The team gave a credible, persuasive, and professional presentation.

Networking Session and Presentation of Awards

The Networking/Awards Reception will be held at 4:00 p.m. in the Executive Dining Room in LaCava. Prizes and Raffles will be announced at this time. (Participants will receive a gift and raffle ticket upon completion of a brief survey and returning the team flashdrive after the team's final presentation.)

 View a video of the 2011 Bentley Business Bowl