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What if I have never participated in a case competition before?

No previous experience in case competition is required. A workshop on "How to Make the Best Presentation"  in February (date/location tbd)... presented by a representative from Liberty Mutual. At least one member from each team should plan to attend.

Who should be on my team?

Each team should consist of five Bentley students and must be the same class code category. Since the cases usually contain a variety of issues related to ethics, accounting, finance, management, technology, or general business, teams should include students from different majors. 

How will the team presentation be judged?

The following criteria will be used to evaluate team presentations:

  • Critical Issues: Did the the team clearly and appropriately identified the critical issues raised by the case?
  • Evidence: The team’s analysis showed excellent use of evidence, including supplemental research as appropriate.
  • Recommendations: The recommendations clearly addressed the critical issues. Recommendations were feasible, creative, and appropriate to the audience.
  • Q&A: Answers during the Q & A portion were clear, thoughtful, and relevant.  More than one teammate responded appropriately and with confidence.
  • Overall Impression: The team gave a credible, persuasive, and professional presentation.

What is a presentation?

Class codes 1-2 teams have 10 minutes to present their findings/suggested solution to a business dilemma. Class code 3-4, 5-6/7-8* and graduate teams will have 20 minutes. Teams may use PowerPoint or other technology to enhance their presentation. There will be a five minute question and answer period with judges after the presentation. The team will leave the room while judges discuss the team’s presentation; then the team will be called back for feedback.  Class codes 5-6/7-8 can compete on the same team.

How do I register my team?

You can register your 5-member team by having one member of the team be designated as Captain and logon to the Student Registration Form with the students' names (the system will only allow students within the same class code to register together). Deadline to register is February 15. If you do not have a team, you can register as a Free Agent and you may be placed on an incomplete team, depending upon availability. There is no guarantee that you will be placed on a team.  By submitting your registration, you are agreeing to the BBB Guidelines (below).

Can visitors attend the BBB event?

Students cannot bring guests.

For more information contact the BBB administrators at:

                                        BBB Guidelines

The Bentley Business Bowl is an all-day, campus wide event open to all Bentley students. Teams of the same class code level receive their case(s) the morning of the event; prepare their response; and present their findings in the afternoon to judges consisting of corporate sponsors, business professionals, alumni and Bentley faculty and staff.

Day of the event:

1. Teams check in at assigned time and receive their case(s) on a flashdrive (be sure you have at least one computer with you).  ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST BE PRESENT
2. Nametags must be worn at all times to identify level and team.
3. Student will leave LAC 395 (EDR)  and go anywhere on campus to prepare their case(s). Any available rooms on campus can be used to prepare case(s). However, if using rooms in Jennison, you MUST vacate the room by 12:00 noon in order that the rooms can be prepared for presentations. Library study rooms should be reserved in advance.
4. Case(s) are presented at scheduled times and locations (information provided w/case)
5. After final presentation is completed, participants must return flashdrive and complete an evaluation form to receive a gift and door prize ticket.
6. Networking/Awards Program and door prizes will be announced in EDR (LAC 395).

Dress Code:  Business
No cell phone usage during the presentations.


Teams consist of max 5/min 4 members of the same class code as of January 1, 2019.  Class code:  1-2; 3-4; 5-6/7-8; graduate.

Mixed level teams will not be allowed to register except for 5-6/7-8. Teams with less than 4 members may be assigned another member at the discretion of the BBB Committee.

Space is limited to twelve (12) teams per level.  Overflow teams may be wait-listed.

Teams are allowed to use any facility or resources on campus. (all Jennison rooms must be vacated by 12 noon)

Consulting with someone other than your teammates is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

Class codes 1-2 will receive two cases. Be sure to verify the time and location of each presentation.  Avoid being late or present the wrong case at the wrong time.

Class code 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and graduate students receive one case.

Judges receive only one case assigned to their room.

Room monitors will be checking to be sure the right team is presenting the right case assigned to each room and will strictly maintain the presentation schedule. If you are late, the time will be deducted from your presentation.

Teams who withdraw must provide at least 48-hour notification of cancellation before event by emailing If cancellation notice is not received, team members will be considered “no shows” and will not be allowed to participate for one year. It is the responsibility of all team members to notify BBB administrators of cancellation.

Presentation Time Schedule

Class code 1-2 schedule for each case:
10 minutes to present
5 minutes for questions from Judges
5 minutes for judge deliberation (team leave room)
5 minutes for feedback from Judges

Class code 3-4, 5-6/7-8 and Graduate Schedule:
20 minutes to present
10 minutes for questions from Judges
5 minutes for judge deliberation (team leave room)
5 minutes feedback from Judges

Judges will provide feedback and it should be received as suggestions that might have improved the presentation and final scores.  DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE JUDGES.

Criteria for judging

1. How well did the team identify the facts and issues in the case?
2. Were the team’s recommendations appropriate to the case?
3. Overall quality of the presentation:
    a. Professional, persuasive, effective delivery style?
    b. All team members actively participated in the presentation?
4. Were the responses to the judges’ questions appropriate and thoughtful? 

The Bentley Business Bowl is co-sponsored by the Student Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) and Bentley's Office of Diversity and Inclusion.