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Financial Assistance

Bentley CSS Profile Waiver

If your parents meet the following criteria, you may be eligible to waive out of this requirement:

  • Your parents live and work in the U.S. or Puerto Rico
  • Your parents reside in the same household
  • Your parents' combined Adjusted Gross Income is less than $50,000 per year
  • Your parents' combined assets (not including a primary home) are less than $15,000 per year
  • Your parents are not self-employed and do not have ownership in any business entities
  • Your parents do not own real estate property (other than a primary home)

If you believe you meet this criteria, please click on the link below to complete the form:

Check my waiver eligibility

It is possible that students whose parents aren't living together may also qualify to waive out of this requirement. We know that these situations can be complicated and we encourage a conversation with your financial aid counselor to determine if each parent meets the eligibility criteria.

Please note that students who waive out of the CSS Profile requirement must still submit the FAFSA and required tax documents as a part of a complete need-based financial aid application. You can find more information on this process at

The Bentley CSS Profile Waiver differs from the Fee Waivers offered by the CollegeBoard. Students who do not qualify for the Bentley waiver may still qualify to submit the CSS Profile for free if they meet certain criteria determined by the CollegeBoard. You can find more information at