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Verification Requirements

The Department of Education randomly selects certain FAFSA records for a process called Federal Verification. If your FAFSA record was selected, there are additional financial aid requirements necessary to confirm your financial aid eligibility. You will know if you have been selected for verification by a message included in your FAFSA confirmation report (the SAR or Student Aid Report).

Your Bentley financial aid requirements may include a signed copy of the Verification Worksheet, available on our Supplemental Forms page, and an IRS Tax Return Transcript for both the parent and student. If you are unable to retrieve a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS, we are able to accept a signed copy of the 2017 tax return in its place. If the student did not file taxes in 2017, we will need a copy of the Statement for Students Not Filing a 2017 Tax Return, which can be found on the Supplemental Forms page. In the event a parent did not file, we will need verification of nonfiling from the IRS for all cases of nonfiling; we can no longer accept a Statement for Parent Not Filing a Tax Return. If any additional documents are required, a financial aid counselor will contact students directly.

Please contact your financial aid counselor with any questions about this process.