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PhD Programs

Program Overview

As a Bentley University PhD student, you’ll join a dynamic intellectual community based at an internationally ranked business school in metropolitan Boston. The Bentley mission is to provide academic excellence and intellectual depth in the field of business, while offering programs in the arts and the sciences that not only stand out on their own, but closely inform the study of business.

Applied, real-world research that enhances teaching is at the center of our educational model — and a priority at Bentley. The Bentley PhD programs in Accountancy and Business will prepare you for a successful career in academia by ensuring you critically engage with existing literatures and conduct rigorous, publishable research.

Tailored Program
Designed to meet your individual needs from the minute you arrive on campus. Working with a primary adviser and a team of supporting advisers, you’ll craft a program of study tailored to your individual goals.

Trans-disciplinary Platform
Provide a trans-disciplinary platform for your studies and research, drawing on expertise from the business disciplines and the arts and the sciences.

Tuition Remission
Offer full-tuition remission, individual student health insurance, and typical four-year fellowship packages between $30,000 and $36,000, with a fifth year contingent on progress within the program.

Superior Campus Resources
Maximize the superior resources of a campus widely recognized for its cutting-edge technological facilities.

PhD in Accountancy

Bentley seeks students interested in a variety of accounting topics, including audit quality, management control, capital markets, investor decision-making, accounting information systems, information technology controls, tax, and corporate governance. Learn more about the PhD in Accountancy.

 "The classes we take are both innovative and multidisciplinary, helping to round out our education as PhD students. The faculty involved in the program are dedicated to the students 100% and it shows both inside and outside of the classroom. It is clear that they want us to succeed and are willing to help us reach our goals. There is a camaraderie among the students and the faculty that makes the program particularly special." – Lindsay Andiola



PhD in Business

In the PhD in Business program, your research will probe some of today’s most compelling issues, all under the interdisciplinary umbrella themes of business, technology and society. Personalize your studies by concentrating in any of the business disciplines, including Business Analytics, Information and Process Management, Information Systems, Management, and Marketing. Learn more about the PhD in Business.

"Bentley has done a tremendous job of preparing me for the rigors of a life in academia. From teaching classes and attending workshops, to conducting research in collaboration with various professors, I am confident that Bentley has enabled me to develop both the breadth and specialization of knowledge to be well prepared for a career as a professor." – Kenneth Mullane