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Academic Technology Center

Announcing Bentley's Next Learning Management System

We're excited to share with you today that Bentley has decided to replace our current Learning Management System (Blackboard), with a next-gen modern learning experience platform, Brightspace. This new platform is designed to transform the student learning experience with innovative approaches, personalized learning, mobile-first design, and many other features to help students engage with faculty, course content, and peers.

We are excited and happy to announce that Bentley will be moving forward with Brightspace as our next-gen modern learning management system (LMS).


Spring 2023 - Phase 1 (Pilot)

Summer 2023 – Phase 2 (Soft Launch)

  • All courses offered on Brightspace (except May intensives).

Fall 2023 – Phase 3 (Full)

  • All Fall 2023 courses on Brightspace.

Sandeep Purao headshot
I look forward to the time when our LMS will be more than a file storage and delivery mechanism. It can and will become a platform for innovative pedagogy for us as instructors. It can and will become a platform for new teaching modes for Bentley. And it can and will become a platform for effective learning for our students.
Sandeep Purao
Professor, Information and Process Management


How will Brightspace be different from Blackboard?

Brightspace has many exciting benefits for Bentley faculty and students, including an intuitive easy-to-use interface, personalized learning, collaboration tools integrated into courses, and a mobile-first design.

When will I have access to Brightspace?

We are launching a pilot in Spring 2023 in 24 undergraduate and graduate courses. Students enrolled in these respective courses will have access to Brightspace at the start of the Spring 2023 semester. Our general launch will be in Summer 2023, and so students enrolled in summer courses will be using Brightspace to access their courses.  Note that May Intensives for Summer 2023 will still be offered on Blackboard.

Which 26 courses are participating in the Spring 2023 pilot (Phase 1)?
Course Name Course Section Instructor
Federal Taxation AC 350-1 J. Philipp Klaus
Data Analytics for Accountants AC 770-HB1 Joy Gray
Introduction to Programming with Python CS 230-1 Mark Frydenberg
Business Processing and Communications Infrastructure CS 240-2 Lincoln Matra
Intermediate Microeconomics EC 224-1 Sara Taghvatalab
The Macroeconomics of Financial Markets EC 611-HB1 David Gulley
Intro to Media Production EMS 240-1 Elizabeth LeDoux
Wonder Women EMS 362-1 John Kenneth Stuckey
Literature and Medicine EMS 371-1 James Fitz Gerald
Money, Love, and Death EMS 380-1 Samir Dayal
Principles of Accounting and Finance FI 305-1 Chase Cicchetti
Applied Corporate Finance FI 345-1 Roy (Chip) Wiggins
Global Strategy GB 410-3 Paul Ledoux
Global Strategy GR 604-AL1 Paul Ledoux
Visualizing Information HF 730-HB1 Jonathan Ericson
History of Japan: Samurai and Salarymen HI 265-1 Bee Andrews
Concept Development IDCC 376-1 Gaurav Shah
Commercial Law LA 210-1 David E Missirian
Internet Law and Policy LA 299-1 - EC Richard Freije
Data Science MA 705 - HB1 Nathan Carter
Gen Linear Models & Surv Analy MA 380-1 Ernesto Schirmacher
Customer Data Analysis and Relationship Marketing MK 726-HB1 Joyce (Feng) Wang
Intermediate French II MLFR 202-1 Camille Meritan
Energy Alternatives NAS 344-1 Zana Cranmer
Plastics: Pollution and Possibilities NAS 398-1 Ryan Bouldin
Democracy and Power PH 317-1 Aaron Ancell


How will I log into Brightspace?

When we launch Brightspace for the entire institution, you will receive a welcome email with a URL to access Brightspace. We will also have a shortcut link to Brightspace on myBentley.

Will there be help with getting started on Brightspace?

Yes, we will be posting knowledge-based articles on how to use Brightspace including quick videos.

Is the SGA/GSA involved or aware of this change?

Yes, we have been working with the student government leaders in planning our launch and working with them regularly to make sure we provide all the necessary resources students will need to help with this transition.


If you have questions or comments about our new LMS, please reach out to us at


Thank you!

We would like to thank the many Bentley faculty, staff and students who contributed through numerous surveys, demos, listening sessions, and hands-on opportunities including our members of various steering committees and evaluation teams. Their guidance and expertise helped us make this important decision in choosing our next-gen modern LMS platform.