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Undergraduate Research Travel Fund

The fund is designed to allow undergraduate students to explore research opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach due to funding issues. 

The fund primarily supplies travel grants for undergraduate students, who want to attend a conference to present research results, but can also award grants for undergraduate students, who need to travel to otherwise engage in research-related activities, such as attending conferences, workshops, doing interviews, etc.

To be considered, the student must demonstrate how their project will impact both their scholarship at Bentley and the greater Bentley community.

Examples of deliverables include:

  • A research paper or article;
  • An essay about the experience submitted to the fund committee after project completion for publication on the one of Bentley University’s websites;
  • A presentation to the Bentley community;
  • An educational art installation on campus.

Applications are considered by the Undergraduate Research Travel Fund committee, which consists of members of the Valente Centre Advisory Board and (associate) deans of Business and Arts & Sciences.  Applications should be sent to .

In order to be considered, you can fill out either a digital or paper application.

The paper application a completed grant application with appropriate appendices, including a budget request. To apply for a grant of $100 or less please fill out this short form.

* The committee understands that the budget is an estimate. You are required to submit receipts for all funds distributed through the fund to avoid paying taxes on the grant.  If you have more than $25 leftover, we ask that you return the funds for other grantees.