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Five Bentley Students

Be a Force

A business education with a positive impact

A Force for Business. A Force for Good.

To be a force is to make a difference, big or small. It’s about accountability, recognizing the need for positive change and acting on it. It’s about understanding others, challenging the status quo and making an impact that doesn’t just move business forward, but that moves us all forward.

New Bentley-Gallup Poll Shows More Americans Say Business Has a Beneficial Impact on Society

Bentley University and Gallup released their most recent research, the Bentley-Gallup Business in Society Report, quantifying Americans’ attitudes toward businesses and the impact they have on their personal lives and society more generally. A year later, Americans are more positive about the impact of business overall, with 63% saying businesses have an extremely or somewhat positive impact on people’s lives, up from 55% in 2022.

Improving Education and Healthcare in Guinea

Ahmadou Balde, MBA ˊ18 is the chief operating officer of NAD Partnership, which promotes development in Guinea, one of the poorest countries in the world, by strengthening education and healthcare.  

Capeless Crusaders: The Business of Doing Good

Liz Brown, associate professor of law, offered an innovative pilot course emphasizing how business leaders have the power to change the world. She wants Bentley students to know that true heroes don’t always wear capes. In fact, when it comes to implementing sustainability solutions that benefit people and the planet, today’s heroes are increasingly likely to wear business suits.  

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Bentley’s curriculum ensures that you'll acquire essential skills before embarking on a personalized academic journey. The unique flexibility allows you to explore dozens of business and liberal arts combinations. And you'll leave campus prepared for a rewarding career and ready to make a positive impact.

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Graduate Programs

Whether you are launching a career, advancing in your chosen field, or breaking into a new industry, Bentley’s Graduate School of Business combines distinctive programs, resources and experiences to maximize your return on investment. Bentley offers certificates, an MBA and specialized Master of Science programs.

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PhD Programs

A Bentley PhD combines real-world research with the academic excellence and intellectual depth that can only be found at the intersection of business and the arts and sciences. Bentley offers full-time academic track PhDs in Accounting and Business, and a part-time, accelerated Executive PhD in Business.

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President Brent Chrite
Some of the world’s most pressing economic and non-economic problems are market-based. Bentley is preparing leaders with the clarity, commitment, vision, and energy to solve the myriad of issues this nation and this world are facing. 
E. LaBrent Chrite

Making an Impact

Aileen Colligan

Expanding Opportunity

Aileen is a Computer Information Systems major who plans to be a leader in the STEM field and inspire young women to get involved. Her Bentley education has given her the confidence to inspire the next generation of female leaders and help them break the glass ceiling in science and technology.

Making Connections

Christian plans to use his Economics-Finance degree to pursue a career in technology where he will drive innovation, foster positive change and create a more interconnected world. By applying the skills he learned at Bentley, he will have a meaningful impact on the everyday lives of people.

Christian Haynes
Edgar Campos

Green Technology

Using emerging technologies to improve global sustainability is a passion for Edgar. Leveraging his knowledge of technology and data analytics, he plans to explore ways in which machine learning can have a positive impact on society. 

International Diplomacy

Jack has always been interested in international business and foreign governments. Capitalizing on the business knowledge he has gained from his economics major, he's aiming to improve international relations through business solutions and policy agreements.

Jack O’Kane
Neyeli Franco

Financial Transparency

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the traditional banking system and Nayeli wants to be at the forefront. Her familiarity with emerging financial technologies through her accounting major will help ensure that all parties involved in financial transactions can trust the authenticity and integrity of the recorded data.

The Bentley Difference

An education at Bentley means the chance to transform business and the world for the better. 

Bentley Supports the UN’s Positive Business Principles